Online Actions in Chile


Serpaj Chile joins GDAMS one more year, by endorsing our Appeal and posting on their social media. "Social inequality, the climate crisis and injustice are serious problems affecting millions of... Read more »

Workshops and creative actions in London

At the Ministry of Defence and the Parliament London, United Kingdom

XR's The Big One around the Houses of Parliament is just one week away! Join CND and the XR Peace collective as we take a stand against nuclear weapons and... Read more »

Berlin Press Conference

Headquarters IPB Marienstraße 19/20, 10117 Berlin, Alemanya, Berlin, Germany

Discussion of the new data on military spending from a German perspective.

SIPRI Figures Social Media Storm

online Madrid, Spain

On the 24th of April Stockholm International Peace Research Institute will release the latest global military spending figures, the first to indicate the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The... Read more »

Street Action in Seoul, Republic of Korea

In front of the Ministry of National Defense 22 Itaewon-ro, 한강로동 Yongsan-gu, Seol, Korea, Republic of

Street action in front of the Ministry of National Defense. Here one of the pictures of their action:

Online Support from Madrid, Spain

online Madrid, Spain

Justicia y Paz España supported Centre Delàs during the press conference on the recently published SIPRI data on military spending. They tweeted: "Razones por las que el es un desastre... Read more »

Online Support from Manchester, UK

[ONLINE] Machester Manchester, United Kingdom

The organization Demilitarise Education supported GCOMS spreading its GDAMS 2023 Appeal. They tweeted: "When we underfund education, the unethical interests of private arms companies prevail. Support @DemilitarizeDay and @GCOMS_UK to... Read more »

Support from Amsterdam, Netherlands

[ONLINE] Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands

By spreading the GDAMS 2023 appeal on Instagram and translating it into Dutch, the organization Stop Wapenhandel supported the campaign.

Online Forum: Militarism will cost us the earth

[Online] New Zealand Wellington, New Zealand

Has the rapidly escalating climate emergency finally shifted governments' thinking away from narrow outdated notions of military security based on endless preparations for war towards prioritising spending on human health... Read more »

Online intervention on arms industry

Italy [ONLINE] , Italy

Arms Industry: Current overview and possible solutions for a more peaceful planet. Agenda: - Words of welcoming, Business and Peace Village. Ricardo and Gala - Presentation of the panelists. -... Read more »

Action in Lleida, Spain

Article Lleida, Spain

Article on global military spending, see here for more detailed information. They tweeted: "La despesa militar real espanyola per al 2023 serà de 27.617 milions, més del doble del que... Read more »

Support from Valencia, Spain

Valenica Valencia, Spain

Online support by Antimilitaristes MOC València. They tweeted: " de oportunidades perdidas de atender los problemas y las emergencias reales, y una apuesta por perpetuar la guerra y un mundo... Read more »

Support from Iberoamerica

[ONLINE] Botogá Bogotá, Colombia

Online support from the organization Alianza Iberoamerica por la paz AIPP. They tweeted: "En 2022 el mundo gastó 2,24 billones $ en lo militar según @SIPRIorg. Aunque nuestros gobiernos puedan... Read more »

Onboard day of action in Japan

On the peaceboat 3-13-1-B1, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Peace Boat joined GDAMS during their 114th voyage, appealing for peace in Ukraine. During the onboard day of action for May 5, there'll be lectures and workshops and participants are... Read more »

Support from Oslo, Norway

[ONLINE] Oslo Majorstuveien 39, OSLO, Norway

The organization Norges Fredsrad joined the GDAMS campaign on Instagram: "#SIPRI har sluppet sin årlige rapport om verdens militære utgifter. "Kontinuerlig øking i verdens militære utgifter signaliserer at vi lever... Read more »

Women in Black: Vigil II in London

at the Edith Cavell statue 10 St. Martin's Pl, London, WC2N 4JL United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom

Vigils at the Edith Cavell statue will focus on military spending/ climate justice/move the money for on the 19 and 26 April as well as 3 May. Will be inviting... Read more »

Conference in Luino, Italy

complesso auditorium Via Pietro Valsecchi 21, Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca VA, Italy

Disarmo: Bussalo della Pace Conference with don Renato Sacco, national councilor of Pax Christi and Vito Alfieri Fontana, a former landmine maker turned deminer, who worked in Bosnia and Kosovo.... Read more »

Music Video of 2023 GDAMS from the Philippines

[ONLINE] Philippines Manila, Philippines

To promote the GDAMS 2023 campaign, the organization Stop The War Coalition Philippines created a video. Our thanks to Delfin Pilones, Victoria Valdez-Pilones, Matthew Victor Pilones and @corafabros!

Women in Black: Vigil III in London

at the Edith Cavell statue 10 St. Martin's Pl, London, WC2N 4JL United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom

Vigils at the Edith Cavell statue will focus on military spending/ climate justice/move the money for on the 19 and 26 April as well as 3 May. Will be inviting... Read more »

Event in el Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain

At the premises of Ecologists in Action in El Puerto de Santa Maria C. Misericordia, 31, 11500 El Puerto de Sta María, Cádiz, El Puerto de Santa Maria, Andalusia, Spain

Event at the premises of Ecologists in Action in El Puerto de Santa Maria with the theme: GDAMS campaign against military spending and tax objection to military spending.

Newsletter in Madrid, Spain

[ONLINE] Madrid Madrid, Spain

The organisation supported the campaign by publishing a weekly newsletter. Among others, they wrote: El 9 de mayo termina el periodo de acción contra el gasto militar GDAMS «La guerra... Read more »

Noveaux Droits de l’Homme Joins GDAMS

Cameroun [online] Yaoundé, Cameroon

Noveaux Droits de l'Homme Cameroun joins GDAMS one more year, endorsing the 'War Costs Us The Earth' Appeal, sharing GDAMS materials on social media and participating in the banner campaign.... Read more »

GDAMS rally in Brisbane, Australia

At the offices of the Federal Australian Treasurer, Dr. Jim Chalmers #2A, 38-74 Wembley Rd, Logan Central QLD 4114,, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A GDAMS rally at the offices of the Federal Australian Treasurer, Dr. Jim Chalmers. Here is the flyer, which has been distributed:  

Roundtable in Granada, Spain

[ONLINE] Granada Granada, Spain

A roundtable about "The Price of War: Global Military Spending and Alternatives from civil resistance" (original title: "El precio de la guerra: gastos militares globales y alternativas desde la resistencia... Read more »

Streetaction in Asti, Italy

Piazza San Secondo Piazza S. Secondo, Asti AT, Italy

The organization Rete Welcoming Asti participated the GDAMS 2023 campaign by street actions and the slogan: 'The world is starting a mad arms race' (transl. Il mondo sta iniziando una... Read more »

Online Support from Paraguay

[ONLINE] Paraguay , Paraguay

The organisation SERPAJ Paraguay supported the GDAMS 2023 Campaign by posting on Instagram: Pedimos que los gobiernos de nuestro continente reduzcan o eliminen el gasto militar y comprometan esos fondos... Read more »

Photo Action in Andalucía, Spain

[ONLINE] Andalusia Andalusia, Spain

APDHA tweeted: ‘La guerra nos cuesta la Tierra’  ‘War costs us the Earth’  Como habéis podido comprobar durante estos últimos días, la campaña impulsada por @DemilitarizeDay ha recibido numerosas muestras... Read more »

Carta por la Paz in Chile

[ONLINE] Chile , Chile

The organisation promoted the GDAMS 2023 Campaign by collecting signatures: Campaña Firmas: (Abajo puedes firmar. La carta será entregada posteriormente y se agregarán las firmas de organizaciones y personas que... Read more »

Vredescafé #11: Europese militarisering

De Expeditie Café Dok-Noord 4/F, Ghent, Belgium

In het kader van de ‘Global Days of Action on Military Spending’ (GDAMS) -een internationale campagne tegen de gigantische proporties van de wereldwijde militaire uitgaven- organiseren we een Vredescafé over de... Read more »

Online conversation from London, UK

Zoom Meeting London, United Kingdom

A conversation on the Arms Industry discussing the laws and regulations governing the arms trade and the conditions which have allowed an increase in global military spending. The event took... Read more »

Roma Press Conference on Military Spending

Palazzo Madama Piazza Madama, Roma, Italy

Ridurre le spese militari per affrontare i veri problemi globali: guerre, disuguaglianze, crisi climatica   Mercoledì 12 luglio - ore 13.00 Sala Caduti di Nassirya - Senato della Repubblica Palazzo... Read more »

Peace Action zoom conference

ZOOM ONLINE NY, United States

We warmly invite you to join the first Peace Action zoom conference held by the No to War  No to NATO Network on September 30 from 19:00 until 21.00 CEST in preparation for the... Read more »

Climate Crossfire Webinar

[ONLINE] , Germany

Should the world’s richest countries spend on wars or on preserving the planet? New research reveals that NATO’s aim to spend 2% of GDP on the military will accelerate climate... Read more »

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