Letter for Peace: Against Military Spending and Militarization

Sres. Presidentes de América Latina, El Caribe y de América del norteDe nuestra consideración,Las organizaciones y personas firmantes apoyamos la Campaña Internacional Contra elGasto Militar. Por lo anterior, queremos señalar lo siguiente: 1.- De acuerdo a información del Instituto Internacional de Investigación para la Paz deEstocolmo (SIPRI), el gasto militar...


May 9: Actions Against The Militarization of Europe

On May 9, Europe Day of Peace and Unity, we organised online actions to protest the militarization of Europe, together...


GDAMS 2023 Appeal · War Costs Us the Earth

Global Days of Action on Military Spending - April 13 to May 9, 2023The world’s militaries are responsible for roughly...


#WarCostsUsTheEarth Banner Online Campaign

Join our online campaign by proposing alternatives to the 2 trillion USD the world dedicates to the military each year....


Press Releases April 24: IPB, GCOMS-UK & Peace Movement Aotearoa

IPB Press release: The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s (SIPRI) newest military expenditure data for 2022 shows yet another year...


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