What we do

Our efforts are oriented to introducing military spending into public debate and discourse in order to affect decision-making and make major reductions of military expenditures feasible worldwide.

The campaign advocates for the reallocation of public funding to peace and disarmament sectors as well as to public services such as health and education. IPB calls these the ‘five directions’ in which military resources could be rechanneled through the following fields of action:

  1. Peace, disarmament, conflict prevention and resolution, human security;
  2. Sustainable development and anti-poverty programmes;
  3. Climate change and biodiversity loss – for mitigation and adaptation;
  4. Social programmes, human rights, gender equality and green job-creation;
  5. Humanitarian efforts to assist refugees, migrants and other vulnerable populations.

The Global Campaign on Military Spending is not limited to advocacy to military budget cuts, it also promotes:

  • Conversion to a civilian-oriented economy, with publicly owned services, affordable green energy systems and ecologically-sound industries;
  • Implementation of the SDGs towards global social and environmental justice.
  • Multilaterality, transparency and common sense diplomacy.
  • Efforts towards conflict prevention and transformation;
  • Demilitarisation and disarmament.
  • A new approach to security that puts people and the planet in the centre.

The campaign has four main purposes:

  1. To extend and strengthen the global community of activism concerned with this issue;
  2. To reach a wide general public and mainstream discourse;
  3. To successfully lobby politicians and other decision makers;
  4. To engage both the mainstream and the alternative/civil society media in covering the debate and giving space to those favourable to disarmament and demilitarization.

Join us and take action!