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GDAMS 2023 – Global Days of Action on Military Spending

GDAMS 2023 will take place from April 13 to May 9. Save the dates! This year of war in Ukraine has meant a huge boost for militarism and military budgets across the world, especially in countries of the Global North. But at GCOMS we believe the response should be quite the opposite: we should drastically... Read more »

Online Actions in Chile


Serpaj Chile joins GDAMS one more year, by endorsing our Appeal and posting on their social media. "Social inequality, the climate crisis and injustice are serious problems affecting millions of people around the world. Yet military spending continues to be exorbitant, pouring millions into weapons and conflicts. That is why, as every year, SERPAJ Chile... Read more »

Action in Lleida, Spain

Article Lleida

Article on global military spending, see here for more detailed information. They tweeted: "La despesa militar real espanyola per al 2023 serà de 27.617 milions, més del doble del que s’ha assignat al Ministeri de Defensa i per sobre del 2% del PIB que exigeix l'OTAN".    

Support from Valencia, Spain

Valenica Valencia

Online support by Antimilitaristes MOC València. They tweeted: " de oportunidades perdidas de atender los problemas y las emergencias reales, y una apuesta por perpetuar la guerra y un mundo más peligroso e injusto #GDAMS #WarCostsUstheEarth #LaGuerranosCuestalaTierra #SeguridadHumana"  

Support from Iberoamerica

[ONLINE] Botogá Bogotá

Online support from the organization Alianza Iberoamerica por la paz AIPP. They tweeted: "En 2022 el mundo gastó 2,24 billones $ en lo militar según @SIPRIorg. Aunque nuestros gobiernos puedan argumentar que ese gasto en "defensa" es necesario, al final nos dejará indefensos ante la amenaza existencial que supone la crisis climática. #WarCostsUsTheEarth #GDAMS"

Onboard day of action in Japan

On the peaceboat 3-13-1-B1, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Peace Boat joined GDAMS during their 114th voyage, appealing for peace in Ukraine. During the onboard day of action for May 5, there'll be lectures and workshops and participants are planning to take a photo to show Peace Boat's support for GDAMS. Peace Boat will also translate  the GDAMS infographics to Japanese. During the Civil7... Read more »

Online Webinar ‘Mismatch or on track: Does global military spending align with national security priorities’

[ONLINE] UK London

The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) is pleased to invite you to an online webinar ‘Mismatch or on track: Does global military spending align with national security priorities’, organized in cooperation with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). On 24 April, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute will release its new data... Read more »

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