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GDAMS 2023 – Global Days of Action on Military Spending

GDAMS 2023 will take place from April 13 to May 9. Save the dates! This year of war in Ukraine has meant a huge boost for militarism and military budgets across the world, especially in countries of the Global North. But at GCOMS we believe the response should be quite the opposite: we should drastically... Read more »

Online Actions in Chile


Serpaj Chile joins GDAMS one more year, by endorsing our Appeal and posting on their social media. "Social inequality, the climate crisis and injustice are serious problems affecting millions of people around the world. Yet military spending continues to be exorbitant, pouring millions into weapons and conflicts. That is why, as every year, SERPAJ Chile... Read more »

Sign-holding in Portland, Oregon

Portland Bridges E. Burnside and MLK Jr. Blvd, Portland

Sign-holding on Portland bridges (Burma Shave Style). Meet at E. Burnside and MLK Jr. Blvd. Sponsored by War Resisters League – Portland.

Penny Poll in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

City Center Square Lancaster

Penny Polls in City Center Square. Organized by 1040 for Peace – Penny Poll where public can “vote” on how they’d like to have their federal taxes spent.

Tax Day Protest, Greenfield, Massachusetts

Greenfield Greenfield

Tax Day protest dedicated to the theme of the militarized, immoral discretionary federal budget. The event will feature a sound system, musicians, banners and signs, as well as handouts on the federal budget and JFK’s peace speech plus a tent for speakers and musicians. It is sponsored by Traprock Center and cosponsored by MAPA.

Vigil in Harrisonburg, Virginia

LOVE Park next to the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market 228 S Liberty St., Harrisonburg

Virginia Harrisonburg Saturday, April 15, Noon. Shenandoah Valley Taxes for Peace has organized a War Tax Resistance/Redirection vigil at LOVE Park next to the Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market (228 S Liberty St.). The group will publicly re-direct resisted war taxes to peace and justice organizations. Anybody is welcome to join us – even if you are... Read more »

Bake Sale in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

U.S. Army Reserve 5130 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee

Bake Sale for Military Victims and protest against federal tax dollars for war, U.S. Army Reserve, 5130 W. Silver Spring Dr. Sponsored by Milwaukee War Tax Resistance, Casa Maria Catholic Worker, & Peace Action of Wisconsin. For more info, contact Lincoln at Casa Maria.  

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