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IPB Peace Education Webinar Series: Neutrality in the 21st Century


In a time of global upheaval, with the resurgence of conflicts and a shifting geopolitical landscape, the concept of neutrality is once again at the forefront of international discourse. We are excited to present our webinar series titled Neutrality in the 21st Century and Why It Remains Relevant, which seeks to delve into the multifaceted and... Read more »

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24-Hour Peacewave 2024

[ONLINE] , Belgium

  International Peace Bureau and World BEYOND War will hold the third-annual 24-hour peacewave on June 22-23, 2024. This will be a 24-hour-long Zoom featuring live peace actions in the streets and squares of the world, moving around the globe with the sun. There will be a live Q&A section on Zoom for the last... Read more »