New Report: “NATO, building global insecurity”

A few days before the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Madrid and coinciding with the start of the Peace Summit organized by civil society in response to the Atlantic Alliance summit, the Centre Delàs of Peace Studies, in collaboration with IPB and GCOMS, launched a new report that...


Madrid Peace Summit 2022: Defund War, Disband NATO

The main goal of the Peace Summit 2022, that took place in Madrid on 24th and 25th June 2022, was...


24 Hour Peace Wave: No to Militarization – Yes to Cooperation

June 25 – 26, 2022 We're a global movement and a global community with brilliant voices at every longitude and...


New ICAN report: ‘Squandered: 2021 Global Nuclear Weapons Spending’

Read the full report here. $157,000 per minute, almost twice the annual U.S. median family income. That’s how much the...


Peace Summit 2022: NO TO NATO

From Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June, the Peace Summit will take place in Madrid, saying "No to NATO, and...


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Latest Past Events

Common Security Report 2022: UK launch

online Boston

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Olof Palme’s Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security Issues. The Commission presented its report in 1982, at the height of the Cold War,... Read more »

Peace Summit 2022: NO TO NATO

c / Lope de Vega, 40 c / Lope de Vega, 40, Madrid

From Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June, the Peace Summit will take place in Madrid, saying “No to NATO, and yes to peace”. Members of the International Peace Bureau (IPB)... Read more »

Climate Change causes War – War causes Climate Change

Brighton Stop War (online) Brighton

Public Zoom Meeting – All Welcome Speakers include: Jake Easby-Robinson – Brighton Peace & Environment Centre – a Brighton charity promoting peace, equality, and protection of the environment. Matt Fawcett – Global Campaign... Read more »

Disarm the Seas: Actions against AUKUS & the Indo-Pacific Expo

International Convention Centre Sydney International Convention Centre Sydney, Sydney

Watch a video of this action here. You can download this leaflet as a pdf file here. See also: Media release 'Indo-Pacific Expo exposes Australian Government hypocrisy'

Give Peace A Budget – GDAMS event in Brisbane

Anzac Square, Adelaide Street Anzac Square, Adelaide Street, Brisbane

Join Just Peace Queensland to protest the $billion$ of your taxes diverted from creating a secure life for you and your children, and funnelled into limitless military spending. We will... Read more »

AFSC Budget Advocacy Training

Demilitarizing the Budget: Important even in times of war As the war in Ukraine adds to the many violent conflicts around the world, govenments are responding by increasing military budgets,... Read more »

Report by the Transnational Institute (TNI)

TNI Online The Netherlands, Amsterdam

The Transnational Institute launched a report and online campaign denouncing the militarization of the EU. "Long before the Ukraine war, the EU increased its security, defence and military budgets for... Read more »

Hibakusha Video Message

Japan [ONLINE] Nagoya

Video message from a Hibakusha who will connect military spending, the war on Ukraine and nuclear weapons. More details soon.

Vigil on Military Spending – Keighley

Keighley Bus Station Airedale Centre, Keighley

In response to the SIPRI figures and yesterday’s inflammatory statement by Liz Truss, Keighley peace campaigners will adorn the Airedale Centre with banners and posters calling for an end to... Read more »

A NO-WAR Prayer for the Love of Humanity

King of Prussia King of Prussia (behind King of Prussia Mall), Montgomery

Organized by Brandywine Peace Community - Good Friday @Lockheed Martin. Mall & Goddard Boulevards, King of Prussia (behind King of Prussia Mall). Next to a large wooden cross, with Lockheed Martin logos at... Read more »

Women in Black: London – GDAMS Vigil II

Edith Cavell statue 10 St. Martin's Place, London

Second of the Women in Black London GDAMS vigils is on Wednesday 27th April from 6pm to 7pm at the Edith Cavell statue. It is in St.Martin’s Place, London WC2,... Read more »

Seoul Press Conference

Seoul Seoul

Press conference on 25th April + media content. Peace organisations in South Korea lead by PSPD. Candlelit vigil. More details will come soon.

Online Campaigning by Corruption Tracker

Shadow World Investigations UK 7 Cavendish Square, London

In 2020, Climate Policy Initiative reported global climate finance flows at $632 billion, nowhere near our needs - conservatively estimated at $4.5-5 trillion annually. To transition to net-zero and guarantee... Read more »


Sant Cugat del Vallès Plaça del Coll, 4, Sant Cugat del Vallès

Unipau (Universitat Internacional de la Pau) joins GDAMS by endorsing its appeal and campaigning online.

Peace Boat Military Spending Workshops

Japan kyoto

Series of workshops on military spending in Peace Boat centers across Japan. More details will appear here soon.

GDAMS Social media storm

This is the big one. The release of the latest SIPRI global military spending figures gives us a fantastic opportunity to highlight the dangers of runaway military spending and the... Read more »

ANZAC Day Online Peace Event

New Zealand [Online] Wellington

Honour the war dead by ending war: This year's ANZAC Day online peace event combines a peace vigil to remember all the casualties of war, and ‘Budget for peace, not... Read more »

32nd Gernika Culture and Peace Conference

Gernika Spain, Gernika

Join the 32nd Gernika Culture and Peace Conference and discuss the war in Ukraine, the role of the European Union, feminist contributions to decolonising humanitarian responses, peacebuilding in Mozambique and... Read more »


Barcelona Sede de Lafede.cat (calle Tàpies, 1-3 Barcelona), Barcelona

On Monday 25 April, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) will publish new figures on global military spending for the year 2021, which shows a growing trend for the... Read more »

NDH Cameroun: Social media actions

Yaoundé Yaoundé

Nouveaux Droits de l'Homme Cameroun will carry out social media campaigning to generate a disucssion within Cameroun about the governments commitment to spending on social needs and spending on arms/military.... Read more »

One Planet. One People. No War!

Northampton L3Harris' building, 50 Prince Street, Northampton

Organized by Demilitarize Western Mass - We'll meet at weapons contractor L3Harris' building, 50 Prince Street, Northampton, Mass. and march to downtown for a rally. If you prefer not to... Read more »

Demonstration and Educational Gathering

Ventura Ventura

Organized by California for a World BEYOND War - We will host a public demonstration and educational gathering in Ventura, California to coincide with Earth Day week festivities, in order... Read more »

War industry Conversion to a Sustainable Future

Huntsville corner of Airport Rd and Whitesburg Drive., Huntsville

This North Alabama Peace Network event will focus on War Industry Resistance. War industry conversion to a sustainable future. The event will take place at the corner of Airport Rd... Read more »

Earth Day Hancock Field

Ithaca and Syracuse, NY Street theater, Ithaca

Organized by Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones - Street Theater

A NO-WAR Prayer for the Love of Humanity

Linthicum 793 Elkridge Landing Road, Linthicum

Prevent Nuclear War/Maryland is organizing a demonstration at Northrop Grumman, a letter to its CEO and a leaflet to be handed out to the workers at 793 Elkridge Landing Road,... Read more »

Demonstration at Raytheon Missiles & Defense HQ

Raytheon Missiles & Defense HQ Raytheon Missiles & Defense HQ, Tucson

Join the Raytheon Peacemakers as we demonstrate against war and those who profit from it. Survival demands better ideas, not better weapons. The peace vigils are a regular, nonviolent presence... Read more »

Global Mobilization to #StopLockheedMartin

Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin, Maryland

Lockheed Martin is by far the largest weapons producer in the world. From Ukraine to Yemen, from Palestine to Colombia, from Somalia to Syria, from Afghanistan and West Papua to... Read more »

Women in Black: London – GDAMS Vigil I

Edith Cavell statue 10 St. Martin's Place, London

First of the Women in Black London GDAMS vigils is on Wednesday 20th from 6pm to 7pm at the Edith Cavell statue. It is in St.Martin’s Place, London WC2, opposite... Read more »

Invest in Life not Death: A Tax Day March

Sam Adams Statue in Faneuil Hall Sam Adams Statue in Faneuil Hall., Boston

The Raytheon campaign and climate justice activists will march to various financial institutions in Boston that provide investment and lending support to both Raytheon and to fossil fuel companies. Gather at noon, April 19,... Read more »

Penny Polls in City Center Square

City Center Square City Center Square, Lancaster

Organized by 1040 for Peace - Penny Poll where public can "vote" on how they'd like to have their federal taxes spent. 1040 for Peace website.

Fund Communities Not War!

Washington WA

Organized by CodePink - We will take to the streets in Washington DC for disruption, political education, and community building through art. Final details to come!

Event at Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman, Chandler

Organized by Phoenix Anti-War Coalition - Attendees at the event will be holding signs and tax info flyers

Let’s Use Our Taxes for a Better World

Corvallis Howland Plaza, Riverfront Park, 1st & Madison, Corvallis

What would you rather spend our money on than militarism? Come join advocacy groups from around Corvallis to share how we can use our taxes to build a better world.... Read more »

Proposed Parade and Demonstration

Front Gate FAFB Front Gate FAFB, Spokane

Organized by VFP Spokane WA - Proposed Parade thru International District & Proposed Demonstration Front Gate FAFB

Tabling at Oakland County 2022 Earth Fair

Royal Oak Centennial Commons Park, Oakland

CCMP and VFP Chapter 74’s objectives are to distribute information, to recruit volunteers, and to discuss the fact that the USA cannot sufficiently mitigate climate change or truly promote environmental,... Read more »

Para la guerra nada – Educamos por la paz

Flampa Gades Cádiz (Spain Online), Cádiz

Este año FLAMPA se suma a la Campaña global contra el gasto militar (GDAMS- GCONS), que finaliza el 12 de mayo. Desde las familias que conformamos toda la federación queremos... Read more »

USTEA joins 2022 GDAMS campaign

USTEA online campaign USTEA, Málaga

One more year, USTEA joins the GDAMS campaign. This year, the organization denounces once again how military spending, always on the rise, represents an opportunity cost that harms sectors such... Read more »

Online Campaigning by ONGD Lleida

ONGD Lleida (Spain Online), Lleida

ONGD Lleida has joined organizations around the world in signing on to this year’s appeal for the Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), and joined the online campaign... Read more »

Online Campaigning by VOW Canada

VOW Canada Online, Toronto

VOW has joined organizations around the world in signing on to this year’s appeal for the Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), April 13th to May 12th. With... Read more »

Online Campaigning by SERPAJ Chile

Chile (Online) Santiago, Chile

One more year, SERPAJ Chile joins GDAMS under the slogan "Give Peace A Budget", which aims to raise awareness among society and public policy makers about the excessive military spending... Read more »

GDAMS demonstration

yorkshire Menwith Hill Rd, Birstwith, Yorkshire

On 12th April Bradford CND will join the regular gate-side demonstration by Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign as part of the Global Days of Action on Military Spending month of protest.... Read more »


Brussels Place de l’Albertine, Brussels

NATO Heads of State will meet for their annual summit on Brussels on 14th June. Over the past decades the focus of these summits has been the increasing expansion and... Read more »

AEPF 13 – GCOMS Workshop

AEPF 13: an overview From 17th until 24th May 2021, the Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) will hold its 13th biennial People’s Forum under the title “Asia Europe Peope’s Forum... Read more »

Webinar: A Climate for Peace

Webinar: A Climate for Peace by the Peace Union of Finland and the IPB Saturday November 7th 10.30 - 12.30 Peace, Health and Development The world is facing an array... Read more »

International Day of Peace Lecture

St. John's Cathedral 405 Ann St, 373 Ann St, Brisbane

International Day of Peace Lecture Presented by: Dr Gillian Triggs and Dr Tillman Ruff FREE EVENT September 21, 2020 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM St John's Cathedral 405 Ann St,... Read more »

IPPNW Film Premiere

IPB is a co-sponsor of an IPPNW-produced film, “The Vow from Hiroshima”, which will be available on the video platform Vimeo for 24-hours on August 9th. The link is https://vimeo.com/424163926. Please... Read more »

Budget Priorities Discussion

Conversations hosted by Foreign Policy in Focus about budget priorities in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: - Underlying trends that strengthen the case for a fully sustainable recovery from... Read more »

Stop the New Nuclear Arms Race (Cancelled)

Maryville College 502 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville

Seventy-five years after Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Trinity, nuclear weapons are still an existential threat. Nuclear weapons states are investing trillions of dollars to upgrade their weapons systems. The problem of... Read more »

Militarism & the Climate Crisis

Mill Hill Chapel City Square, LS1 5EB, Leeds

The interdependence between nuclear weapons and civilian nuclear power, in terms of skills and infrastructure, means our government continues to champion expensive new nuclear at the expense of clean renewables.... Read more »

No to Trump – No to NATO: International Counter Summit

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8EP, London

The New World Disorder. Speakers include: Tariq Ali; Medea Benjamin; Lindsey German; Kaye Hudson; Reiner Braun; Aaron Bastani; Kerry-Anne Mendoza; Arielle Denis On the 3rd and 4th of December the... Read more »

UN Disarmament Week

The elimination of nuclear and all other weapons of mass destruction remains a central but elusive objective of the United Nations. Despite commitments from Member States, there has been limited... Read more »

Count the Nuclear Weapons Money

Move the Nuclear Weapons Money is a specific initiative linking nuclear disarmament with peace, climate and sustainable development. The campaign calls for cuts in nuclear weapons budgets, an end to... Read more »

Triennial IPB Meeting

St Thomas Hospital London

The International Peace Bureau´s Triennial Meeting is scheduled for Saturday the 19th of October 2019 in London. The Triennial Meeting (hereafter called the Assembly) of the International Peace Bureau (IPB)... Read more »

Rage Against the War Machine

White House Washington DC

Last year around 2,000 of our friends and comrades joined us as we marched on the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, where we called for a revival of a mass antiwar/anti-imperialism... Read more »