Online Campaigning

Our message is now as necessary as it’ll ever be, as we face the consequences of spending trillions in the military for decades while slashing funds and privatising the sectors that truly provide human and common security. We call on civil society and the media to push for major reductions of military expenditures. We demand that governments reduce their military spending, and commit funding to covering the true needs of the people and the planet to build a just and sustainable peace.

1. Take action online: use your social media to get a buzz going in your own network; help spread the word on demilitarization and disarmament by sharing news, materials and actions;

  • Take a selfie with a #MoveTheMoney banner (more info here and below)
  • Post a short video of yourself explaining your reasons to demand cuts on military spending.
  • Contact your local/national representatives/congresspeople, ask them to position themselves by sending them private or public messages on their social media or writing to them on their public email.
  • Share our statement, infographics and social media pics via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp or email!
  • Stay active on online debates, share ideas, articles and actions. Write an op-ed! Our understanding of current global crises and the narrative we build around them as a society will define the measures to be taken.

2. Prepare a press conference.
We organise press conferences all around the world the day that SIPRI releases new data on military spending in order to get our message on the media: we demand major reductions on defence budgets and the refunneling of those funds to protect people and the environment! If you want to prepare one, reach to us and we’ll help you plan it.

3. Prepare a webinar or participate in them:
Check out our action’s agenda to find online events and inspiraton.

4. Use your own networks to spread the word on demilitarization and the need to cut military spending. Find allies: reach out to groups in your country and to other civil society organizations and social movements with common approaches and values;

#GivePeaceABudget CAMPAIGN

Join our online campaign by proposing alternatives to the 2 trillion dollars the world dedicates to the military.

To participate just follow these 4 steps:

1. Download the banner (by clicking in the image below), print it and fill it in with your proposal for that money to be reallocated to.
Or if you prefer it, prepare you own banner. If you’re with kids at home they can surely prepare nicer ones and would have great ideas for the 2,11 trillion $

2. Take a picture with the banner. The more people, the merrier!

3. Once you have the picture, publish it in your own social media, tagging us:

You can also tag @IntlPeaceBureau and partner organizations.
If you prefer us to post the picture for you, send it to us on a private message on our social media or to our email:

4.  Lastly, use some of the hashtags of the campaign:

Let’s flood the internet with messages of peace and demilitarization!!

Download it as a pdf here.

You can also download this image in Spanish and Catalan.

Should governments give a budget to tackling climate and environmental emergencies? To granting quality education for everyone? To ensuring healthcare to all citizens? To cooperation and development… or to humanitarian aid?