Armenia’s defense spending this year will amount to 200 billion drams

YEREVAN/ ARKA /. Armenia’s defense spending this year will amount to 200 billion drams, President Serzh Sargsyan said today in his address to the 7th congress of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Armenia

He recalled that the military budget in 1995 was 19.1 billion drams, in 2005 it surged to 64.4 billion drams and in 2014 it will reach 200 billion drams.
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Iran to hike military spending despite lower oil prices, sanctions

(Reuters) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will hike military spending by more than a third in the next fiscal year despite presenting a “cautious, tight” budget to parliament on Sunday in response to falling oil prices and punishing sanctions arising from the country’s disputed nuclear program.

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House Passes $585 Billion Defense Budget For 2015

By Christopher Harress

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a combined version of National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 that will see defense spending set at $585 billion for 2015. After a bipartisan vote of 300-119, the legislation will now head to the Senate, where it is expected to be voted on next week. The equivalent figure for fiscal 2014 was $615 billion.

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Azerbaijan ups military budget amid Armenian provocations

By Mushvig Mehdiyev

Azerbaijan decided to allocate $5 billion to military in 2015 in an effort to improve the combat readiness, as well as the technical equipment and upgrade of its army.

Total amount of the military expenditure shares 17.9 percent of the budget assignments and is the next record figure in Azerbaijan’s history, according to Finance Minister Samir Sharifov. He said Azerbaijan’s sole military budget exceeds the overall state budget of Armenia by $2 billion.

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