09/03/2017 |

Voice of Women for Peace ask for a reduction in Canadian Military Spending

On 3rd March the members of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) wrote a letter to the minister of the defence department Harjit Sajjan, to protest the dangerous and destabilizing Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) overseas operations and to call for a reduction of military spending and a re-allocation to urgent social and environmental needs.

They said that the Canadian military is fomenting the protracted violent conflict and refugee crisis in Syria and Iraq by fuelling the US-led airstrikes in those countries.

In the letter they say that the Department of National Defence military spending went up from$23 billion in 2014- 2015 to $28 billion in 2015-2016. Last year, the minister announced $10 billion for interim fighter jets, Boeing Super Hornets, and applauded the $104 billion tax dollars being spent for new warships underway at the Irving Shipyard in Halifax.

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