05/04/2018 |

Trump’s Massive Budget Boosts the Military

An Obama previous constitution has been washed away to a new Trump militarism. Announcing an investment of $54 billion for the Pentagon at the dispense of other federal agencies this week, Trump wants to achieve “the greatest military buildups in American history”: the new federal budget has been signed by the president of the USA increasing by its $165 Billion over the next two years. Already in 2015 $598.5 billion (54% of the discretionary spending) was given to its military agency when, on the other hand, education (6%), health (6%), social security (3%) energy and environment and so on have been lacking of the same dedication.

This is completely contradictory to what he promised during his campaign when he pledged to put ‘America First’ and it is absolutely against the will of the American people. The Gallup public opinion survey conducted demonstrates that 65% of Americans oppose this military investment to compare to the 33% in favor: the involvement from schools and supporters to repeal the second amendment is getting stronger, but Trump continues to underline his support that is not for the people but for his own personal view of how he wants to make America great.

It seems that a strong political democracy, and as we can see not only in relation of military spending in the United States, vanished, which was one of the biggest characteristic which made the United States of America remarkably great, to respect and to follow, like many other countries, especially since the creation of the Declaration of Human Rights in 1945. Read more on this GDAMS U.S National Priorities initial summary of the Trump Budget Trump’s Massive Budget Boosts the Military,  https://demilitarize.org/gdams-u-s-articles/

However, today various human rights activists and organizations, including GDAMS U.S, are ready to take full action against the president way to spend their money. On Tax day, they will use their rights and make their voice to be heard all over the different states. From gathering, Conferences, workshop to many other events organized, they will demand a redirection of budgeting which makes America’s First, and so American First.

In this context, GDAMS actions are now more important than ever, and GCOMS partners in the U.S. are organizing plenty of actions also coinciding with the U.S. Tax Day. A complete list of planned actions is available here: https://demilitarize.org/gdams-u-s-events/

GCOMS partners worldwide are also organizing a lot of actions against military spending and in favour of moving funds from military to human needs and sustainable development goals: https://demilitarize.org/gdams-2018/

We need to involve even more citizens and organizations in an open and robust debate on the counter-productive results of military expenditure. More than ever, we urge you to reach out to new partners to make actions during the Global Days of Action on Military Spending a great success!