22/03/2019 |

The Selfie Campaign 2019

Updated May 2019 – Photo album of the 2019 #MoveTheMoney selfie campaign:

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Once again, we are ready to spread the word on pacifism, demilitarization and disarmament and raise awareness on the crucial issue of military spending.
For this year’s Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), that will take place from April 13 to May 9, among many other actions, we are glad to re-launch the Selfie Campaign together with all of you. This year we are going to use a banner with the line ‘#MoveTheMoney to…’, with a blank space underneath to be filled in with your own proposals to redirect those $1.82 trillion to.

To participate in the selfie campaign you just need to follow these 4 steps:

1. Download (by clicking in the image), print and fill it in with your proposal as to where that money should go.
Creativity is more than welcome, so please feel free to prepare a banner in your own way!

2. Take a picture, alone or in group, you can compose the picture as you prefer!

3. Once you have the picture, publish it in your own social media, tagging us:
On Twitter and Facebook use @DemilitarizeDay, and on Instagram use @gcoms.
You can also tag @IntlPeaceBureau ‏, @CentreDelas and other partner organizations.
If you prefer that we post your picture for you, you can send it to us on a private message on social media or to our email: coordination@gcoms.ipb.org

4.  Lastly, use some of the hashtags of the campaign:
#MoveTheMoney #Demilitarize #GDAMS #GCOMS #Disarmament #DivestFromWar #PeaceNotWar #WelfareNotWarfare #FundPeaceNotWar #CutMilex #WeWantPeace #TakeAction #BuildPeaceNotWalls #HumanNeeds

Let’s flood the internet with messages of peace and disarmament!!