09/11/2021 |

Report: Climate Crisis, Armed Forces and Environmental Peace

Authors: Pere Brunet, Chloé Meulewaeter and Pere Ortega

This report continues and complements the research work begun in Report
47 of the Delàs Centre
, analysing the relationship among power structures, militarized security and the environmental crisis, to then study in detail the environmental footprint of the military economy and the carbon footprint of the military sector in Spain (armed forces and military industry), addressing one of the main threats looming over humanity: the growing use of military force to impose the political/economic model and to repress the resistance of those who oppose that model. Also studying the environmental damage and GHG emissions arising from military activities and placing emphasis on the sectors surrounding the military economy – sectors analysed are those for which information is available to quantify them-.

“The ecological crisis is undoubtedly a global threat and, thanks to pressure from social movements and the scientific community, governments and international institutions have finally recognized it as an existential threat.
But global capitalism, despite disguising itself in green and applying some protection measures, continues with its model of exploitation of non-renewable resources, using armed forces to subdue and if necessary repress the resistance to the plundering of the subsoil resources by the communities that inhabit these territories. Year after year, the resources of the military capabilities of the powerful countries increase with the aim of controlling the access to the resources they need to continue developing their economies.”

Read and download the executive summary in English, in Spanish and in Catalan, and the full report in English, in Spanish and in Catalan.