21/02/2013 |

Make Jobs, Not Wars

February 21, 2013 by IPB

“A new round of federal budget cuts (in the US) is slated to start on March 1.  If nothing is done, the cuts will deny food to young children, turn low-income families out of their homes, and reduce funds for education and training.  These indiscriminate across-the-board cuts (called “sequestration”) come on top of an average 7.6 percent cut in federal funds to states since 2010.  The looming federal cuts would make things worse, hurting vulnerable people, shifting burdens to states and localities, and threatening economic growth.”  Read more…

You can do something about this. If you are in the US, learn more about the issue. Sign the Jobs-Not-Wars petition to tell elected Representatives in Washington that the US needs a new set of priorities that place the needs of the people ahead of the profits of the privileged. Then, kindly pass this on to your friends and family in the US.