18/01/2016 |

GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION ON MILITARY SPENDING, 2016 edition: April 5-18 – Important information

January 18, 2016 by IPB

18 January 2016: Times change, and with them, our reactions to events. Here is the latest news about the Global Campaign on Military Spending :

1. The dates: This year’s Global Day/GDAMS will not in fact be a day but a fortnight! For diverse reasons it will be held from April 5th- 18th. On the 5th, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) will publish the global military expenditure figures for 2015, together with its analysis of the trends. The 18th is Tax Day in the USA, a traditional moment in the calendar for civil society to challenge the uses put to public money. This new style ‘Global Day’ offers our participants more scope to choose a suitable moment to organise events that fit local or national contexts. As usual, IPB will publish all events that are notified to us as being within the GDAMS framework.