08/06/2016 |

GDAMS 2016 final report – Actions on military spending

We are pleased to present you the final report (highlights) from the Global Days of Action on Military Spending 2016.

During 13 days, 120 GDAMS events took place in 23 countries. These events varied in shape and size depending on countries and partners. As in previous years, a whole range of actions where organized, including : street protests/demonstrations, seminars, press conferences, media releases, videos, petitions, peace vigils and penny polls. Some of the activities took the form of ‘PrepComms’ for the IPB’s upcoming Congress (Disarm! For a Climate of peace – Berlin Sept 30-Oct 3). For more information see the Congress website.

This report highlights just a selection of the actions organized for GDAMS 2016. Please visit the Flickr page to see the full collection of reports/photos/videos. A detailed Social Media report on the whole exercise is also available on request. The IPB extends its thanks and congratulations to all those who organised events – and especially to those who submitted reports afterwards!