12/05/2021 |

GCOMS Workshop at the AEPF (Asia Europe People’s Forum) · May 17

Updated May 18: You can watch the recording of this session here.

Defund the Military · Defend People and the Planet

This session explores and challenges how nation-states attempting to out-compete one another in destructive military powers waste resources that should be used for meeting human and environmental needs. This workshop will serve as a closing for this year’s GDAMS and it’ll include an analysis and perspectives from different GCOMS members and colaborators from Asia and Europe. It’ll be a space where activists that work for the reduction of military expenditures can meet, and share strategies and good practices.

Speakers include:

  • Colin Archer – Former IPB secretary general and GCOMS founder · United Kingdom
  • Francesco Vignarca – Rete Italiana Pace e Disarmo · Italy
  • Meri Joyce – Peace Boat · Japan
  • Binalakshmi Nepram – IPB & Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network India
  • Reiner Braun – IPB Director General · Germany + No to NATO
  • Laetitia Sedou – European Network Agains the Arms Trade (ENAAT) · EU
  • Matt Fawcett – GCOMS UK Coalition · United Kingdom
  • Youngah Lee – People’s Solidarity for a Participatory Democracy (PSPD) · S Korea
  • Stefan Nieuwinckel – Pax Christi Vlaanderen · Belgium
  • Karen King – Stop Fuelling War · France

Moderators will be: Cora Fabros (AEPF & IPB) and Quique Sánchez (IPB/GCOMS & Centre Delàs)
You can find more information about the Forum and its full programme here.