15/11/2019 |

Defence & Security workshop at the EU Parliament

How to forge a peace and rights-based EU answer to perceived security threats.

Workshop on EU Policies on defence and security.
December 3 2019, European Parliament, Room PHS 1C51

Jordi Calvo and Quique Sánchez, representatives of Centre Delàs of Peace Studies and GCOMS will take part in a workshop on Defence and Security at the European Parliament where they will get to introduce the campaign and discuss EU policies in regard to military spending, arms trade and borders control.

The workshop will present the conclusions of three recent reports of the Centre Delàs of Peace Studies, addressing in particular EU funding for the defence sector, external borders control, and European arms exports; altogether these reports showcase the current trends of EU defence and security policies.
The reports’ outcomes and other experts’ contributions will be the basis for a discussion between civil society and political representatives on how to influence the current EU defence, security and migration policies and what an alternative peace and rights-based approach could be.

Limited seats – please register here.


09:00 – Welcoming and introduction to the workshop: host MEP Miguel Urban (Unidas Podemos, GUE/NGL) and Jordi Calvo, coordinator of Centre Delàs of Peace Studies

09:10 to 10:15 – Session 1: EU arms exports and their impact on conflicts

09:10   Why the EU Common Position cannot prevent problematic arms exports?
MEP Hannah Neumann, Die Grüne, Greens/EFA
MEP Özlem Demirel, Die Linke, GUE/NGL

09:25   Impact of EU arms transfers to countries in conflict, Centre Delàs Report.
Dr. Jordi Calvo, Researcher, Centre Delàs, IPB’s vice-president, GCOMS coordinator

09:45   Debate: Can EU arms exports be ethical?
(moderation by MEP Özlem Demirel, Die Linke, GUE/NGL)

10:15 to 11:20 – Session 2: Migration policies and militarisation of EU borders management

10:15   External border control systems and risks of human rights infringements.
Ainhoa Ruiz, Researcher, Centre Delàs

10:35   EU migration policies in the next EU Multi-Financial Framework.
Catherine Woollard, Director, European Council for Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)

10:50   Debate: How to advance a rights-based EU migration policy?
(moderation by Wendela de Vries, Stop Wapenhandel)

11:20   Coffee break

11:45 to 12:50 – Session 3: Is the EU still a peace-led project?

11:45   European Defence Fund and increasing military spending.
Laëtitia Sédou, EU Programme officer, ENAAT
Quique Sánchez, officer, Centre Delàs & Global Campaign On Military Spending – GCOMS

12:05   EU added-value for non-violent alternatives. Clémence Buchet-Couzy, Peace Programme assistant, Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA)

12:20   Debate: How could the EU make a real difference for peace?
(moderation by MEP Miguel Urban, Unidas Podemos, GUE/NGL)

12:50 – Closing remarks by host MEP Miguel Urban – Unidas Podemos, GUE/NGL.

Limited seats – please register here.

You can download the flyer by clicking here.