29/03/2019 |

GCOMS at the AEPF Conference on Universal Protection and Labour in Nepal

Next week Jordi Calvo, Vice President of the IPB and coordinator of Centre Delàs of Peace Studies in Barcelona, will take part as Coordinator of the GCOMS campaign in the International Conference on Universal Protection and Labour in Kathmandu, Nepal, which will take place from April 4 to 6 and is organised by the Asia Europe People’s Forum, Social Justice and Peace and Security Clusters and Integrated Development Society Nepal. The conference will analyse the situation in Europe and Asia regarding unemployment, poverty and inequality, migration and climate crisis, as well as its consequences for democracy with the emergence of rightwing populism. The programme includes:

  • An overview of the (new) geopolitical actors at the national and global level;
  • Insights in new productive models and the identification of the crucial elements for the future of work in an era of new technologies with their consequences on labour markets;
  • Insights in the crisis of reproduction, the gender and care problems as well as the worsening situation of peasants, both with the potential of being a crucial part of the solution to our social and economic problems;
  • Clarification on the philosophy of our Global Charter and identification of the concrete possibilities it offers for the work of social movements on social justice;
  • The development of a common narrative on social problems and social justice, linked to other sectors of AEPF campaigns, such as peace, democracy, ecology, trade and food sovereignty, and, more in general, shaping new politics.
  • To popularize the AEPF Peoples Agenda and other documents adopted by the AEPF like the Global Social Protection Charter. To make concrete proposals for their advocacy and adoption by governments and organizations.

You can find more information on the conference here.