19/02/2014 |

European taxpayers are spending millions supporting unaccountable drones industry, report reveals

February 19, 2014 by IPB

How far reaching is the EU’s financing and support for the emerging drone industry? With what intended purpose? And what will be the consequences for European citizens?

Eurodrones, Inc. tells the story of how European citizens are unknowingly subsidising through their taxes a controversial drone industry yet are systematically excluded from any debates about their use. Behind empty promises of consultation, EU officials have turned over much of drone policy development to the European defence and security corporations which seek to profit from it. The current trajectory points in the direction of an increasingly militarised and repressive use of drones that will have far-reaching implications for the privacy and human rights for citizens of Europe and beyond.

Source: Transnational Institute, Peace and Security publications.

To read the full executive summary please click here. Or download the full report at this link.