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Don’t you think countries spend too much on war preparations and arms racing? Don’t you believe growing military spending makes of the world an increasingly dangerous place? Most people would probably agree with this, but it has yet to become a major item of political discourse.
We intend to change that!
This issue is especially relevant in a (so-called) new era of great power competition and at a time when global emergencies (as though climate change, extreme poverty, mass migrations, terrorism…) are being dealt with with increasingly militarised responses. Pressure to spend more and more taxpayers money on weapons systems and warfare is also growing.

We are confronting all this through the cooperative efforts of peace groups around the globe, fostering synergies among them both regionally and internationally, in order to gradually strengthen the global movement challenging militarism. Campaigning for demilitarization and disarmament varies from group to group, as each pacifist organization contributes their own strategy and approach, depending on their vision, means and context.