GDAMS 2018

In 2018 IPB’s Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) took place during the period from April 14 to May 3rd.

List of actions per countries:

  • USA (46)
    April 13-14, Boulder, Colorado

    April 13-16, midday. Flyering on the downtown mall. Look for Gary Erb leafleting with war tax resistance materials. Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, (303) 499-9456 or Email:

    April 14-16, Rome, Maine

    WTR table and workshop on Organizing Against Militarism in your Community at Resources for Organizing Social Change’s Youth Activism Gathering, Pine Tree Camp, Rome, ME. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 14, Austin, Texas

    Bridge Action in Austin, Texas: Sunday, April 14, 4–5:30 p.m.. “Bridge Action”: I’d Rather Buy ______ than War!. By Austin Conscientious Objectors to Military Taxation. We will invite passersby to tell us what they’d rather buy than war. On the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge over Lady Bird Lake, downtown just east of the Lamar Bridge, Austin. For more info: Susan Van Haitsma, (512) 467-2946

    April 14, Bethel, Maine

    at Bethel post office (to be determined). Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 14, Blue Hill, Maine

    From 11am-3pm: Blue Hill coop. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 14, Boston, Massachusetts

    Boston event on Cambridge Common Saturday, April 14, Noon – 2:30 pm — Cambridge Common, Garden St and Massachusetts Ave. President Trump’s tax bill is ensuring billions of dollars in profits to large corporations and peanuts to working people. His Pentagon spending will lead to more wars, kill a lot of people, and make us less safe. Cuts in essential programs from Climate protection to Medicaid, Housing, Social Security and Medicare are in the offing. We must turn around Washington’s budget insanity. Join us on Tax Day to call attention to these dangers while promoting our budget priorities to fund the programs we all need. At AFSC, contact Paul Shannon ( New England War Tax Resistance will have a table, penny poll, and announce grants from resisted taxes alternative fund. Contact NEWTR ( to participate with them. – — Sponsored by Massachusetts People’s Budget Campaign (, Veterans For Peace – Boston, Smedley D. Butler Brigade, Massachusetts Peace Action (, American Friends Service Committee (click on the graphic and do wnload the outreach flyer 4 pp).  Also, at this #TaxDay2018 rally in Cambridge, Joseph Gerson of AFSC Peace and Economic Security Program exposed hypocrisy underlying justifications of the US attack on Syria Friday evening. Watch the video!:

    April 14, Damariscotta, Maine

    From 11am-1pm: Damariscotta post office (PO). Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 14, Greenfield, Massachusetts

    Local groups plan Tax Day Rally and Speak-out on Federal budget: With taxes due on Tuesday, April 17, rallies are being held around the country highlighting the need to “starve the Pentagon and feed the people.” In Franklin County, people will gather on the Greenfield Common on Saturday, April 14, from 12 to 1:30 p.m. The public event will feature a ‘speak-out’ on the budget from people and organizations working on the many issues affected by current budget priorities – and cuts. “The focus will be on what is needed for real security, at home and abroad, including the need to take urgent action on climate issues” said Anna Gyorgy, active with the Traprock Center for Peace & Justice and FCCPR. The call for the Tax Day Rally and Speak-out remembers the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one year before his assassination: “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” Local groups are responding to the recent tax overhaul bill that benefits the most wealthy, and the FY 2019 federal budget with its record-setting $700+ billion allocation for the military. Organizations that depend on ever-shrinking federal resources are condemning budget priorities that make life even harder for many. – Poster on the web: – On Facebook: – P.O. Box 216 • Greenfield MA 01302 413.624.6557 • – For more information, contact: (413-627-5268)

    April 14, Greenwich, Connecticut

    Rally & Teach-In inGreenwich, ConnecticutThe Greenwich Rally & Teach-In for Peace and Economic Justice will be held Saturday, April 14, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Greenwich Common, 290 Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut.  “Stop the Wars, Invest in Peace” is the theme, and in this community that is home to 10 multi-billionaires, our 12 speakers will address ways in which war overseas and violence by police in the U.S. undergird the capture and exploitation of material and human resources.  Medea Benjamin, human rights activist, author and Co-Director of CODEPINK, will speak about moving money out of the war industry and into peaceful, regenerative work. Please join us!!! – For more information see:
    You may also call Nick Mottern (914) 806-6179

    April 14, Maine

    Actions in College of the Atlantic; Ellsworth, ME; Norway coop, USM, Lewiston; Augusta. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 14, Maine

    The Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) Resource Center has begun its annual war tax day actions around the state.  If you are interested in volunteering with the Maine WTR Resource Center and/or the Youth & Militarism Project or would like a presentation on peace jobs for youth at your school, please call 558-5758. Please stop by the actions.  We will have lots of information on war tax resistance and the Youth & Militarism Project. For more information, go to http://mainewtr.nwtrcc.orgDownload the photo collage document!

    April 14, Portland, Oregon

    Annual “Burma Shave” style signs on the bridges demanding no taxes for war. Saturday, April 14, 11 am.  Meet at the east end of the Burnside Bridge and MLK Blvd. Contact Kima at (503) 249-6343 or John Greushow. More information: – Sponsored by War Resisters League of Portland/Oregon Community of War Tax Resisters, Email or phone (503) 249-6343:

    April 14: Tax Day Rally, Walpole, Massachusetts

    On Saturday, April 14, 2018, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., the Walpole Peace and Justice Group will hold a Tax Day Rally at the Gazebo on the Walpole Common, asking for Peace and Economic Justice. Rally speakers will address the destructive consequences of exorbitant military spending at the expense of human needs. Our keynote speaker will be Savina Martin, Eastern Chair of the Massachusetts Poor People’s Campaign. A 40-foot budget banner will be displayed, showing where the Federal discretionary budget is spent today. Our keynote speaker and representatives from local organizations will speak at 10:30 a.m. This rally is open to the public. We will be urging our elected leaders to:

    – Address the widening gap between rich and poor
    – Promote adequate funding for vital human services in the Federal Budget
    – Stop the massive increases to the Pentagon Budget
    – Halt and reverse the $1.7 trillion nuclear weapons upgrade funding, including “more usable” nuclear weapons
    – Revent U.S. wars against Iran, North Korea, China and other nations
    – Support immigrant rights and human rights for all
    – Oppose the increasing militarization of our borders and law enforcement

    The World Is Over-Armed and Peace Is Under-Funded!

    Our Rally will support the Global Campaign on Military Spending. The aim of the campaign is to push governments to invest money in the sectors of health, education, employment and climate change rather than military. The Poor People’s Campaign is a National Call for Moral Revival challenging our country on the evils of systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, and ecological devastation. The Campaign will start on Mother’s Day and continue for six weeks of direct action and nonviolent civil disobedience.

    The Walpole Peace and Justice Group, founded in 1981, is a group of citizens committed to promoting peace and justice in the community and the larger world through education, study, witness, advocacy, and action. For more information contact

    April 15, Asheville, North Carolina

    Tuesday, April 17. Leaflets will be passed out downtown. Contact Jim Stockwell for information: (828) 675-5448

    April 15, Berkeley, California

    Sunday, April 15, 6 pm — People’s Life Fund public potluck and awards ceremony at the BFUU Fellowship Hall: 1924 Cedar St. Berkeley CA. (Near North Berkeley BART). The People’s Life Fund is looking forward to redirecting a record breaking $65,000 in resisted war taxes to local peace and justice organizations this year! The evening is always a joyous and inspiring evening, and you are encouraged to come out! See the group’s Facebook page for updates and more information:

    April 15, Eugene, Oregon

    Sunday, April 15, 1-3 pm. Rally and tabling at EWEB then march to the old Federal Building then on to the new Federal Building and then loop back to EWEB. Speakers, music, Spanish and sign language interpreters, penny poll, and a “bar graph” along the march route showing folks how much of their tax dollars goes to military versus education, environment, etc. Stops along the route will mark points on the graph — showing how far you walk to fund people & planet vs. military. Music and speeches and giving away resisted tax money at the end.  Sponsors include Eugene Taxes for Peace!, Community Alliance of Lane County,Indivisible Eugene, and more. See the Facebook event: – Contact Taxes for Peace!:

    April 15, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Rally and March in Minneapolis, Minnesota: At 1:30 p.m. “A Call to End Endless U.S. Wars” rally and march initiated by Minnesota Peace Action Coalition with many co-sponsors including Minnesota War Tax Resisters. Meet at Lagoon and Hennepin in Minneapolis at 1:30; march steps off at 2 p.m. See paying4peace on Facebook; for more info see the Facebook event ( ) and visit:

    April 15, New York City

    Sunday, April 15, 2 p.m. “End the Wars at Home and Abroad!” Planning is underway for this rally and march as part of the Spring 2018 Actions (, endorsed and being planned by many groups around the country. in NYC, meet at Herald Square at 2 followed by a march to Trump Tower. More info: or call (518) 281-1968

    April 16, Chicago, Illinois

    Monday, April 16, 11 am – 1 pm, Pay No War Tax Demonstration with speakers and leafleting at Federal Plaza, Dearborn + Adams Streets. in downtown Chicago. Participate in the “penny” poll using “democracy dollars” to show where you want your money to go. For more information contact:
    Charles Paidock, (312) 714-7790 or Brad Lyttle, (773) 324-0654, – Organized by War Resisters League, Chicago Chapter:

    April 16, South Bend, Indiana

    Monday, April 16, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Vigil to catch folks leaving work outside the Federal Building in downtown South Bend. — Contact Michiana War Tax Refusers:

    April 16, Tucson, Arizona

    Monday, April 16, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom & Tucson Raging Grannies will be handing out War Resisters League “Where Your Tax Money Really Goes” Pie charts in front of the Wilmot Library. We and we will be talking to folks as they come and go from the library, and the Raging Grannies plan on singing a few songs at noon. Murphy-Wilmot Library, 530 N Wilmot Rd., 85711. You are invited to come for all or part of the time. Bring friends who may be interested. Email for more info:

    April 17, Bangor, Washington

    Leafleting at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, Ohio: Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action ( Yes, we are the folks who have been resisting Trident for over 40 years; our “Center” is next door to the largest deployed concentration of nuclear weapons in the US. This year we are focusing our attention on, among other things, military/nuclear weapons spending. We will be supporting GDAMS next week (on April 17th) in our monthly leafleting at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, home of eight of the U.S. Navy’s OHIO Class “Trident” ballistic missile submarines as well as the Strategic [nuclear] Weapons Facility, Pacific. We are currently preparing a leaflet targeted at people (civilian and military) who work on the base. Our leafleteers will be out in the early morning hours at one or both entrance gates offering the leaflet to people entering the base for the day shift.

    April 17, Bowdoin, Maine

    Bowdoin College TBA. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 17, Brattleboro, Vermont

    Tuesday, April 17, 10 am – 3 pm. War tax resistance literature and counseling, plus music appropriate for these times. Outside the Brattleboro Food Coop, 2 Main Street. – Contact Pioneer Valley War Tax Resistance or call (802) 387-2798:

    April 17, Brunswick, Maine

    From 11am-1pm: Brunswick PO sponsored by PeaceWorks. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 17, Damariscotta, Maine

    From 11am-1pm: Damariscotta post office (PO). Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 17, Ellsworth, Maine

    From 11am to 2pm, action at Main St., Ellsworth. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 17, Farmington, Maine

    From 10am-2pm: UMaine, Farmington, student union. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 17, Kingston, New York

    Tuesday, April 17, Noon–1 p.m. Cut War Spending — Fund Human Needs. Vigil and flyering during lunch hour with Tin Horn Uprising marching band in front of Congressman Faso’s office, 721 Broadway, Kingston (next to Broadway Lights Diner). Sponsoring organization: Rise Up Hudson Valley. Email Rise Up for more info:

    April 17, Knoxville, Tennessee

    Vote for spending priorities at Knoxville, Tennessee: Tuesday, April 17, 11:45 a.m.–1 p.m.. Meet at Market Square where Uncle Sam will be asking passers-by to take their tax dollars and “vote” for their spending priorities by placing them in the train car—education, environment, health care—that they want to fund. Sadly, their tax monies will be swept up by “Senator Alexander” and used to fuel his UPF BOMB PLANT EXPRESS. At 12:45 we will depart Market Square, taking the whole train over to Alexander’s office to ask for answers to a simple question: why are you spending our tax dollars on a bomb plant when we need raises for teachers, housing for the homeless, affordable health insurance for hundreds of thousands of uninsured Tennesseans, protections for the environment…???? – Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance ( ) or see the Facebook event ( ). More information:

    April 17, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

    Tuesday, April 17, all day, various locations. Help Distribute “Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes” flyers from the War Resisters League at local post offices. Call LEPOCO (610-691-8730) to choose your location & time. This is important! – Lepoco Peace Center:

    April 17, Lynchburg, Virginia

    Documentary in Lynchburg, Virginia: Tuesday, April 17, 7 p.m.–10 p.m. Screening The Pacifist, a feature-length documentary film about Larry Bassett and his massive war tax resistance journey. The film follows his personal progress, reasons and decisions about refusing to pay for war, but the greater themes and messages of the war tax resister movement are front and center. On that day, Larry’s tax resistance total will come to almost $200,000. At Riverviews Artspace. Free and followed by a Q&A with Mr. Bassett and the film’s producer/director, Alex Zhort. For more info see the Facebook event:

    April 17, Machias, Maine

    From 11am-1pm: both days at UMaine, Machias, Torrey Hall next to the library. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 17, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Tuesday, April 17, 5 pm – 6:30 pm Tax Day Vigil at the Downtown Milwaukee Post Office, 345 W Saint Paul Ave, 53203. For more information email or call Lincoln Rice – (414) 342-1911 – contact Milwaukee War Tax Resistance & Casa Maria Catholic Worker:

    April 17, New Orleans, Louisiana

    Tuesday, April 17. Leafleting with the “where your income tax really goes” pie chart on a busy corner. To check time and exact location contact Pax Christi New Orleans, (504) 522-3751.

    April 17, New York City

    Tuesday, April 17, Noon–1 p.m. Vigil and leafleting outside the IRS office, 290 Broadway at Duane Street, across from the Federal Building. War tax redirections may be announced. Sponsored by NYC War Resisters League (, Granny Peace Brigade (list in formation). Click “going” on the Facebook event page ( or for more info call (718) 768-7306. – Download the photo collage in a pdf document!

    April 17, Orono, Maine

    From 11am-2pm: UMaine, Orono, student union. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 17, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Tax Day Demonstration — Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia: Tuesday, April 17, 11 am – 1 pm. Join the Granny Peace Brigade and WILPF at the Broad and Sansom Street Post Office, Center City. We will be polling passersby regarding how to spend our tax money. GPBP sends the poll results to local leaders. Don’t miss the photo opportunity with our own Uncle Sam!!!! Cosponsored by Brandywine Peace Community:

    April 17, Portland, Maine

    From  8am-5pm: Table, noon-1p Downeast band Fire in the Commons and speakers, Lobsterman Park in front of the Nickelodeon Movie Theatre (rain location Portland Media Center, 516 Congress St), Portland. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 17, San Diego, California

    Bake Sale in San Diego, California: At Noon–2 p.m.: “A Bake Sale for the Air Force?” Hosted by the Peace Resource Center of San Diego envisioning a time when “schools have all the money they need and the air force needs to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber or the Border Patrol a border wall. No time like the present to make this a reality! Join us as we sell baked goods (no money raised will actually be given to the Air Force or to Trump’s wall) and show people just what their federal taxes are buying!! Meet us on the sidewalk outside the Internal Revenue Service, 880 Front Street in San Diego, 92101. More information:

    April 17, Seattle, Washington

    Tax Day Action in Seattle, WA: At the Federal Building (915 – 2nd Ave), Seattle, from 11am – 1pm – Organized by Veterans For Peace, Chapter 92. Look here at the photo!

    April 17, Tucson, Arizona

    Tuesday, April 17, 7 a.m.–8 a.m., Tax Day vigil at Raytheon Missile Systems, Hermans Road entrance to the plant (3rd traffic light south of Valencia on Nogales Highway, the extension of South 6th Avenue). Join the Raytheon Peacemakers as we demonstrate against war and those who profit from it. Survival demands better ideas, not better weapons. Park off Nogales Highway, between railroad tracks and highway at the Hermans Road entrance. Signs provided, or bring your own! -Contact Nuclear Resister ( or (520) 323-8697 — Contact No. Calif. War Tax Resistance/People’s Life Fund ( ), (510) 842-6124, Email for info:

    April 17, Unity, Maine

    From 11am-1pm: Unity College student union lobby. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 18, Machias, Maine

    From 11am-3pm: both days at UMaine, Machias, Torrey Hall next to the library. Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    April 21, Bangor, Maine

    From noon to 2pm: Bangor Earth Day (Location TBA). Other Maine War Tax Resistance (WTR) actions will also take place around the state, read the whole document here.

    May 3, Albany, NY

    Two Billboards Outside Albany, New York. Just like the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri challenged public officials to solve a murder, two new billboards outside Albany are challenging Washington to change the way it uses our valuable tax dollars. 3% of U.S. Military Spending Could End Starvation on Earth is the message on 2 Albany area billboards for the month of May – put up by Women Against War, who point out that ending the desperation of starving families could do much more for preserving peace than increasing the size of US forces, already “larger than the next 8 countries’ combined”. – – Look at the photo here! – and read the article by Priscilla Fairbank on the Women Against War website with plenty of photos and selfies!

  • UK (10)
    April 14 – 3rd May, U.K.

    New postcard campaign: The postcard is ready for you to download. Just copy, and share the message: It’s time to shift priorities!

    April 14, Leeds

    NHS not Trident Block on Leeds March for the NHS. Our mock-Trident trailer pushed through the streets of Leeds again as part of the NHS not Trident block of the regional ‘March for the NHS’. On April 14 at 11:30am in Victoria Gardens, outside Leeds Art Gallery. The horror of the conflict in Syria is clear to us all, but the choice is not, as presented in some sections of the media, between bombing and inaction. The civilian casualties in Syria which now number in the hundreds of thousands stem from the flow of thousands of tonnes of arms into the region. The UK shares it’s proportion of the blame, alongside Russia, the US, Iran, Israel and others. It’s also important to remember that the UK is already involved in active bombing in Syria and has been since 2015 and any invasion would be counter to international law. The UK Government should press for an immediate ceasefire; support the investigations of Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW); and provide aid for the civilian population as well as refugee for those fleeing the crisis. As Dave Webb wrote in the Yorkshire Post, “Further military action will only increase the likelihood of this terrible conflict growing into a wider Middle East conflict, and potentially a direct conflict between major nuclear-armed states. CND works for ‘the prevention and cessation of wars in which nuclear weapons may be used’ and this is a clear example of such a situation.” – Look at the photo of the March!
    More info:

    April 15, Leeds

    “They got money for wars but they can’t feed the poor”: Street protest in Leeds against war and Syria bombing.

    April 16-22, U.K.

    “Online vote to show what it would take to make the world safer”: Between 16 – 22 April help a create a Twitter storm by tweeting what you would spend £48 billion on to @hmtreasury with #GCOMS  #RethinkSecurity e.g. @hmtreasury “If I had £48 billion a year I would prefer to spend it on  #NHS. I prefer. #GCOMS #RethinkSecurity”

    April 18, London
    April 19, Liverpool
    April 25, Leeds

    Beckett city centre campus: West Yorks Campaign Against the Arms Trade (WYCAAT) is delighted to announce a showing of the award-winning film Shadow World, based on the book by South African whistleblower Andrew Feinstein, followed by discussion with the author. Weds April 25 at Leeds Beckett city centre campus. Room RB538 (Rose Bowl, 5th floor) from 7pm, more information here – Contact: – Read the Report by Colin Archer (WYCAAT) here!

    April 25, London
    April 26, Huddersfield

    Huddersfield University: Second showing of the award-winning film Shadow World, based on the book by South African whistleblower Andrew Feinstein, followed by discussion with the author. Weds April 25 at Leeds Beckett city centre campus. Thurs April 26 at Huddersfield University. (venue TBC) – Contact: – Read the Report by Colin Archer (WYCAAT) here!

    April 29, Saltaire, West Yorkshire

    During the Day of Dance, organised by Yorkshire CND and held in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, we held a GDAMS stall. This consisted of a  table giving a series of options as to how people would spend £200 billion. This is the amount the Tories are proposing to spend on the replacement of the Trident Nuclear Submarine fleet. The options were  grouped  as Health, Climate Change, Education, Other, i.e. housing, Arts etc and Nuclear Weapons. People were invited to place £50 billion chips on the categories of their choice for financial support., to a total of £200 billion.  During the day we engaged with many people but only 11 actually placed the chips. A record was kept of their choices. The results were (from a total spend of £2200 billion): Health 33.3%, Education 25%, Climate Change 17.3%, Other 17.3%, Nuclear Weapons 0%. From these results one thing is abundantly clear – no one wanted to spend any money on Nuclear Weapons. This might not be surprising given that the event was organised by Yorkshire CND. However, this was a Day of Dance and people had come to dance. They had not come to be involved in a CND demonstration. People from all walks of life had come and of very different ages, but they came to dance. The conclusion that people do not want money spent on weapons of mass destruction holds true. This is a message that we must get to the Government – we do not want to spend £200 billion  on Trident when Health, Climate change, Education, Housing and the Arts are needing money. The message was clear: Abandon Trident. Spend money on much needed Social Causes. Read the report of the events by Dave Webb and Dr. Chris Butler. See the photo here!

  • Vietnam (1)
    April 14-16, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

    International Thematic Workshop “Peace and Security in Asia and Europe: Challenges Ahead and People’s Vision” – The conference draw an overview of the recent evolution of peace and security in the Asia-Europe region, addressing issues such as disputes over territorial sovereignty, migration, terrorism, nuclear weapons, arms trade and budget spending in defense, the strengthening of the cooperation network for peace movements and civil societies in Asia and Europe. During the conference, the GDAMS campaign was presented by Jordi Calvo (IPB vice-president) and a public debate on military spending was held. For more information, click here.

  • Kenya (1)
    April 14-30, Kenya

    The campaign is slowing down in Africa due to obvious challenges including state criminalization of matters security and military. The Regional meeting that was to take place in 2017 in Dar Tanzania had to be cancelled due to such reasons. Most activists in Kenya are fearing. Anyway, activists are trying to consolidate 2018 activities in Kenya. Contact: David Calleb Otieno. Look at Nairobi selfies!

  • Uruguay (2)
    April 14-30, Montevideo

    Campaign against arms, military spending, wars and conflicts. Dissemination of Infographic material against military spending. Focus on Peace and military spending during demonstrations on May 1st. Special activities against way toys are planned. Organized by the Movement of Peace Educators together with the Workers Organization “Central de Trabajadores”. Support to the II International Congress of Science and Education for Peace and Development, and also to the First IPB Meeting of Latin American Youth for Peace in Medellin (April 25-26-27, see actions in Colombia). Support to the London HUFUD meeting on April 7, 2018 which included talks from Alicia Cabezudo and Pere Ortega ( Read the Uruguay document here (in Spanish).

    May 1st, Montevideo

    During demonstrations on May 1st, special activities were organized by the Movement of Peace Educators together with the Workers Organization “Central de Trabajadores”. The declaration concluded with four mentions: 1) Truth, Justice and Never again – 2) Against gender violence and all kinds of violence. No more femicides. – 3) In defense of Democracy in the Region and against neoliberalism. – 4) In favour of World Peace.

  • Germany (4)
    April 14, Berlin

    Kathrin Vogler likes to support the “Global Day(s) of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS)” of the International Peace Bureau! See her selfie here – Kathrin is Member of German Bundestag (The Left Party) and Spokeswoman for Peace Policy and Non-violent Conflict Resolutions.

    May 1st, Germany

    During GDAMS, the German peace tax group (Netzwerk Friedenssteuer e.V.) is encouraging its members to undertake a minor, very specifically German activity: to write letters to their respective tax offices, in which they explain why they are sending €4.30. They link this symbolic payment (the strange amount is explained in the text which follows) with a heartfelt plea to the tax office to find a way in which they can maintain their freedom of conscience when paying taxes, and also asking the tax office to support the political struggle towards legislation allowing tax payers to elect to have their money used for civilian purposes only (Zivilsteuergesetz). Read the English translation of the letter to the tax office and the two-page flyer

    May 2nd, Berlin

    Press Conference at the IPB Conference Room, presenting the GCOMS Statement on global military spending, with SIPRI data and GDAMS message at the center. The Berlin press conference was held in the IPB headquarter and involved the co-president of the IPB Reiner Braun. During the Press Conference, Reiner Braun presented the appeal Disarm! Don’t arm!, whose signatories are, among others, Noam Chomsky, Mairead Maguire, Samir Amin or Federico Mayor Zaragoza. It was participated also by Antje Heider-Rottwilm, Church and Peace e.V, Michael Bloss from the German Green Party, Marco Bülow, member of the German Parliament for the Green Party and Kathrin Vogler, MP for Die Linke party.

    May 2nd, Germany

    Selfies from activists from the Center of Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP). – Look at the photos here and here!

  • Spain (12)
    April 14, Bilbao

    Tax Objection in Bilbao, Euskadi: Action in favour of Tax Objection at the Bizkaia Foral Government (“Diputacion Foral”). “Don’t pay wars with your taxes”. More information here (in Spanish).

    April 14, Lleida

    Make Peace, not War: Action by the Lleida coordination group of NGOs and other solidarity movements. Look at the photo here!

    April 18, Durango

    Tax Objection talk in Durango, Euskadi: OEE, Ongi Etorri errefuxiatuak. Talk and information on Tax Objection. More information here (in Spanish).

    April 19, Santa Lucia, Canary Islands

    Event on “Stop violences from the System”, XXVIII joint event with African and Latin-America peoples. Joint photo for GDAMS, organized by AAMOC Canarias. Watch the photo here!

    April 21, Arrasate

    Tax Objection talk in Arrasate, Euskadi: Talk and information on Tax Objection. Arrasateko Gaztetxea. More information here (in Spanish).

    April 21, Bilbao

    Tax Objection Panel in Bilbao, Euskadi: Informative panel on Tax Objection at Unamuno Square. “Not even one euro for wars”. More information here (in Spanish).

    April 23, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    At 9:15pm CET, Peace News on the radio, Canary Islands: Discussion on Military Spending and on GDAMS during a “slow coffee” in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Listen to the audio (in Spanish)!

    April 24, Madrid

    GDAMS Meetings with Spanish Deputies at the Spanish Parliament (Madrid) regarding the 2018 discussion of the Spanish Annual Budget. Due to the increase in the Spanish military budget, the meeting was held to discuss about the Spanish Annual Budget between Jordi Calvo from GCOMS and Spanish parlamentarians, to suggest amendments and to advocate for a reduction in the national annual military spending. Look at the photo!

    April 25, Donosti

    Tax Objection talk in Donosti, Euskadi: Yayo Herrero will be talking on “Don’t follow the rules, and build a new world with your taxes money”. Emakumeen Etxea, Okendo 9 at 7pm. More information here (in Spanish).

    May 1st, Madrid

    Action from Women in Black and Madrid Anti-Militarists Assembly. With a video on Tax Objection (in Spanish) “La tribu de la Objeción Fiscal”: – Look at the photo here!

    May 2, Tenerife

    Alternativa Antimilitarista, MOC Tenerife,Canary Islands: Move military funds to health, education and human needs. Look at the photo here!

    May 2nd, Barcelona

    Press Conference at 11:30am at La Fede, presenting the GCOMS Statement on global military spending, with SIPRI data and GDAMS message at the center.

  • Australia (7)
    April 14, Canberra

    New video on military sales by Australian government:

    April 14, Canberra

    New video on military sales by Australian government:

    April 19, Brisbane

    Now with $140 million being spent raining down missiles onto Syria illegally, we protested this waste at a small rally (30-45 minutes) next to King George Square at 5pm on April 19th. We had our red T-shirts (NO Billions for Bombs etc.). Attendants created their own placards to bring attention to Australia’s military spending ($90 million per day!), and to Australia’s support for the illegal bombing of Syria by the USA, UK and France. Just Peace has supported the GCOMS campaign for many years. Download the media release, and look at the photo of the rally!

    April 21, Sydney

    Action at Bus Station near Central Railway. We performed the MIMOD awards which stands for Most Improved Merchant of Death.  Of course that goes to AUSTRALIA and its minister for defence industry Mr Christopher Pyne, the Government of which he is a member has put aside $3.8 bill to fund and subsidise Australian weapons manufacturers. The aim being to be 10th in the world for arms sales up from 20th. In light of medal ceremonies for the Winter Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and soon the World Cup of Soccer why have a medal ceremony for the merchants of death!. We staged our ceremony in a busy part of town and distributed leaflets. – Look at the photos, and watch the videos: – and also:

    May 1-3, Canberra

    Preparation of the Canberra action on the lawns of the National Parliament on the 8th May at 12 midday – all welcome – For more information:

    May 2, Brisbane

    IPAN Media Release calling for reduction in military spending 2 May 2018: Global Campaign on Military Spending calls for a 10% reduction in military expenditure in all countries: “Global military spending has increased to $1739 billion in 2017, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.  This amount of resources being directed to rearmament is morally bankrupt”, says Annette Brownlie, Chair of the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, which is supporting the global campaign. “The top 10 spenders in 2017 were the USA (with an increase of $700 billion over 2016), China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, France, UK, Japan, Germany and South Korea. This shows an overall constant increase over the last five consecutive years,” said Ms Brownlie. “The Global Campaign’s statement says, ‘Funds that are now spent in the military are urgently needed to reduce inequalities, to increase worldwide cooperation, to remove energy injustices, to focus on the causes that generate huge numbers of refugees and displaced people, to implement people-based global market regulations and to build a peaceful world’. “We believe jobs should be created in sectors which make a positive contribution to our society and environment, not in exporting arms, as the Australian Government has recently announced plans to do,” Ms Brownlie said. “In relation to Australia, our aid program is at the lowest percentage of GDP ever – increasing aid to our neighbours and areas devastated by conflict will do more to build our security than more arms and ‘defence’ spending. “We need more public housing to be built, more jobs for indigenous people, more teachers, nurses, doctors, more funding to schools, child care and universities, more investment in renewable energy and public transport, more help to refugees, not more arms. We need urgent action on climate change.  We need an increase in wages for the lower paid workers. “We need funding for urgent social needs, not an arms export industry and increased ‘defence’ spending,” said Ms Brownlie. IPAN supports war powers reform, as a first step to having more public discussion on the role of our military, and to avoid the situation that occurred when the Government committed troops to an illegal war in Iraq, against the wishes of the Australian people. –  Organized by Independent and Peaceful Australia Network – Media Interviews: Contact Annette Brownlie 0431 597 256 – IPAN Media Liaison:  Kathryn Kelly, contact 0417 269 984

    May 2nd, Sydney

    Media Conference at Sydney Parliament on May 2 with SIPRI details, to coincide with other GCOMS conferences. IPAN is developing a national campaign on “Dont Buy into War”: The Australian government has recently announced a $3.8 billion loan fund to assist in making Australia one of the largest arms exporters in the world. This is on top of planned expenditure of $50 billion on 12 new submarines, $86 billion on air warfare ships and $17 billion on 70 new fighter planes, none of which are essential for the defence of Australia. The Press Conference at Sydney Parliament was offered by Kellie Tranter, lawyer and activist, Sister Monica Cavanagh, congregational leader for the Sisters of Saint Joseph and professor Stuart Rees, Human Rights activist and founder of the Sydney Peace Foundation. Watch the videos: Video1 – Video2 – Video3

  • Italy (5)
    April 14, Italy

    The Italian Selfie campaign has started! – For more information (in Italian), click here:

    April 14, Rome

    Action from 11am – 13pm.: With US Citizens for Peace and Justice in Rome as well as ReteNoWarRoma, BDS Italia and BDS Roma, Diem25, others and with the participation of young students from international high schools and universities in Rome. Location: Via Leonida Bissolati, 00187 Roma RM, Italia, in front of US Embassy, corner of Via Veneto – Contact: – More info here (in Italian)

    April 14, Rome

    Rete Disarmo has translated the GCOMS Statement on reducing military spending to Italian. It can now be downloaded from the GCOMS webpages and also from Rete Disarmo.

    May 2nd, Rome

    Press release on military spending SIPRI data. Presentation of the final GDAMS 2018 statement. Contact:

    May 2nd, Rome

    The final GDAMS 2018 statement was translated to Italian. Read it here! – Read also the Italian data on Military Spending:

  • Colombia (4)
    April 14, Medellín

    Emilio Arranz writes on violence, military spending, and objection actions in Colombia. Read it here (in Spanish).

    April 24, Medellín

    Last Tuesday, April 24, 2018 there was a concentration/action of Women in Black in the Parque Berrío de Medellín from 5 to 7 p.m. against war and violence in general. Attendance was about forty adults and about 30 girls and boys in an organized manner in addition to the people that attended autonomously. In this sit-in we had a banner against military expenses. We distributed an informative flyer on the subject and we had the opportunity to explain the flyer through a public microphone. We must stop this madness of military spending in the world! Look at a photo selection: Photo1 and Photo2

    April 25-26-27, Medellín

    The second International Conference on Science and Education for Peace and Development will be held in Medellin on April 25 to 27. The aim of the Conference is to promote a national and international debate with analysis and discussions, to consolidate a National Agreement for the establishment of public policies for education and science. This National Agreement should guarantee social justice and human development in the framework of the present post-conflict situation. It will be presented to the candidates to the Presidence of the Colombian Republic. More information here (in Spanish).

    April 27, Medellín

    Latin American Youth Congress for Peace. This Congress assumed the role of pre-conference towards the World Congress “TRANSFORM” of the International Peace Bureau Youth Network​, ​to be held in Berlin, September, 2019. Look at the photo in our gallery and read the Congress Declaration here!

  • Mexico (1)
    April 14, Monterrey

    Closing of the Days of Peace Conference – Education for Peace in Times of Catastrophe, Technological Institute of Monterrey. Watch the invited talk of Prof. Irene Comins (in Spanish). Look at the photo, here!

  • Greece (3)
    April 16, Athens

    Panel at the “Union of the Lowers” in Athens with speakers: a lawyer, an economist, and Panos Trigazis from PADOP (who spoke about chemical weapons with the occasion of the bombing in Syria concluding that the International Community and NOT some states should decide and act in use of ALL prohibited weapons). There was discussion among the audience with representatives from Colombia, Turkey, Syria, Union of Arabic Countries, and a parliamentarian (Giorgos Dimaras) who has signed the ICAN declaration. More information (in Greek): – Text of Panos Trigazis speech (in Greek, published in the first page of the Greek daily Press AVGI) is available here: – Look also at the photo, or download it!

    April 17, Athens

    In the Cultural Center of “Ionian Union” there was a meeting about Peace and the tragic situation in Afrin. Panos Trigazis from PADOP spoke about Peace and another Physician from Syria explained the situation in Afrin and asked for help. More information (in Greek) available here: and here

    April 19, Byron

    Meeting in the City Hall of the Municipality of Byron. Karen Hallows from Peace Boat spoke. More information (in Greek) available here: – Look at the photo or download it!

  • Norway (6)
    April 16, Bergen

    Meeting in the main Bergen library on 26th of April. The author of a book about Norwegian arms industry (Nammo) and export, Dag Hoel, will talk about his book, titled Peace is not the best, on the inside of the arms industry. WILPF will have an introduction, focused on GDAMS and disarmament, and after Hoels presentation, there will be a discussion, hopefully focused on possible solutions for disarmament. We will also hand out a leaflet called. Move the money!. Organized by Womens international League for Peace and Freedom, Bergen (contact: Åse Møller-Hansen).

    April 25, Oslo

    Grandmothers for Peace handed out GDAMS flyers in front of the Parliament in Oslo.

    April 26, Bergen

    IKFF, the International League for peace and freedom arranged an action in relation to GDAMS 2018. It was a presentation of a book by Dag Hoel about weapon industry and problematising how it affected and sustained work for people living in his home community Raufoss in Norway. The arrangement was additionally a panel debate and opened for questions from the audience.

    April 26, Tønsberg

    GDAMS action at a library in Tønsberg. Fresh data on World Military Expenditure, and world arms flow was presented by Odilia Häussler Melbøe in the Norwegian Peace Association. The presentation was followed by an active dialogue with all the attending and a common GDAMS selfie action took place, arriving on the consensus of the importance of youth in peace work. Look at the photo here!

    May 2nd, Oslo

    A Norwegian GDAMS Report on World Military Expenditure and world arms flow: As all previous years since 2011, the Norwegian Peace Association has produced a GDAMS report. Also this year a report based on the SIPRI data and IISS data, on the World Military Expenditure and the world arms flow in 2017 was written and launched. Look at the cover here! – Read it here (in Norwegian) and in this webpage – Contact: Odilia Häussler Melbøe, Norwegian Peace Association.

    May 3rd, Kongsberg

    Selfie campaign and preparation of a GDAMS action at a café in Kongsberg (held on May 4th). Fresh data on World Military Expenditure, SIPRI numbers and world arms flow, also seen in relation to the Kongsberg Group in the city that are working with defense and aerospace. The presentation was done by Alexander Harang, peace researcher and former President of the Norwegian Peace Association. The presentation was followed by an active dialogue with all the attending and a common GDAMS selfie action took place. Look at the selfies here!

  • Cameroon (2)
    April 16, Yaoundé-Montée

    Elaboration and dissimination of a national declaration on military spending in Cameroon. Participation on the GDAMS 2018 selfie campaign. Production of a 3 minutes video for the campaign. Read the NDH declaration here!

    May 2nd, Yaoundé

    Publication of the NDH-Cameroon final Report on GDAMS 2018. Coordinated by Cyrille Rolande Bechon, with the participation of Barbara Defo, Mbakob Murielle and Ruibarros Foadieng. The 2018 selfie campaign was marked by the active participation of Cameroonian citizens, who seized the opportunity to speak about public policies and their situation. These citizens participation made the campaign more attractive and dynamic. Download and read the full report here! – And look at the selfies!

  • Paraguay (1)
    April 17, Asuncion

    The Peace and Justice Service Paraguay (Serpaj) adheres to GDAMS. On April 17, Serpaj issued a declaration against military expenditure in Paraguay and in favour of redirecting military funds to the real threats that endanger Paraguay: poverty, poor distribution of wealth and lack of social policies for the most vulnerable sectors. Read the declaration (in Spanish and in English) here. For more information, visit the Serpaj webpageLook at the photo, here!

  • Canada (2)
    April 18, Waterloo, Ontario

    A call was issued during the AGM of Conscience Canada to the Canadian government, that recently sold a new consignement of arms to Saudi Arabia, to reallocate military spending to urgent social and environmental needs.Look at the photo here!

    May 2nd, Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace, a chapter of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, produced a video to support GDAMs, claiming to stop the Wars and to stop the Warming. Watch the video here!

  • France (2)
    April 19-22, Arras

    On the occasion of its 2018 Annual General Meeting, which took place in Arras (France) from 19-22 April, Pax Christi International has contributed to the GDAMS social media campaign. We invited our section representatives to join this campaign in order to promote budgets for nonviolent approaches to sustain peace, which is one of our advocacy priorities, writing on a poster where they would move 10% of global military spending to. Look at the Pax Christi selfies webpage, and read more on the event! here:

    May 2nd, France

    The final GDAMS 2018 statement was translated to French. Read it here!

  • India (1)
    April 20-21-22-23, Kota

    Three workshops, plus several village Rallies and several village meetings have been organized in Kota (RAJASTHAN), in connection with GDAMS 2018, “Cut Military Spending – Fund Human Needs”. We have discussed in detail about our Military Spending expenses on – Huge Forces,  Missiles, Aircraft, Guns etc. – Whereas, our Poverty alleviation activities expenses  (Millennium Development Goals etc.) are very low. And therefore, there is no need to heavy expenditure on Military Spending expenses in our country, India. Our all taxes are going on Military expenses, Weapons, Warfare preparation, instead of to solve the drinking water, Health and food problems, Literacy etc., So we are living in very bad condition and we should put the pressure to our Government through Member of Parliament – MP, MLA and elected leaders, that they must deduct (reduce), Budget of Military Spending and this money should be used in Community Development activities – MDG activities. Energy Crises, Creating of new jobs for youths  or tackling poverty and climate change problems and other social issues. Priorities must be fixing in connection of our National Agenda or Development agenda. Three -Budget experts, had also actively participated in our workshop and village rallies in connection to GDAMS 2018. Our GDAMS Campaign 2018 and workshop news have also published in News papers ,and due to this efforts, a very good environment have become formed in our region and discussion is continue in educated people , Youths  and activists. Our all activities will be continuing in whole week from 15th April to May 3rd 2018. – Organized by: Rural Development &  Youth Training Institute, 1-K-22 Dadabari, Kota-324009 (RAJASTHAN). Look at the photo report here! – Contact: JAMBU KUMAR JAIN, Convener –

  • Philippines (3)
    April 21, Manila

    Poem lecture and Street dance in Tondo, Manila: “A government who prioritizes Militarism / don’t you think got a very poor mentalism? / the poverty, lack of education and hunger / all of these issues and you’d still focus on your own built danger? / … They be screamin’ take care of our health /How can we do that if you had emptied our wealth? / Embrace the essence of proper governing, change your ways / Recoup the wealth of society for the better days / Jocelle Ann U.Cañadido – Watch at the photos here, and also read the whole poem!

    April 22, Manila

    Mural action in Manila: To reclaim people’s wealth – Look at the photo here!

    May 2, Philippines

    Selfies from Stop the War Coalition. Look at the photo here!

  • New Zealand (11)
    April 24, Kaikohe

    Commemoration, Peace Embassy and Film – ANZAC Day Commemoration to remember together world wars, and all past and present wars – the tragedy of so many people killed, maimed, raped, orphaned or lost children, lost homes and lost hope. Let us encourage national mourning for ALL those damaged by war. Let us not encourage present warfare while we are in mourning. A Peace Embassy with white poppies and information, free Soup & Homemade Breads. From 10am, at 1pm we will watch a DVD together: Field Punishment #1, about 14 NZ conscientious objectors in WW1. This is not in opposition to the usual ANZAC Day commemoration, more to enhance it by promoting peace. Nau Mai, Haere Mai – All Welcome. Hosted by Hokianga Catholic Workers on Tuesday, 24 April, Broadway, Kaikohe (at the old Hammer Hardware store, almost opposite ANZ Bank), RSVP at

    April 25, Auckland

    ANZAC Day Picnic for Peace: 100 years of resistance to war – we’re hosting a peace picnic to commemorate conscientious objectors who resisted war. There will be inspiring speakers, music and food along with an opportunity for families to be part of creating a peace mural. Please bring food to share and a blanket to sit on. From 12 noon, at the Auckland Domain Rotunda. Organised by Auckland Peace Action, RSVP at

    April 25, Auckland

    Honour the War Dead by Ending War, ANZAC Day peace vigil to remember all the casualties of war, to remember all who resisted war, to call for an end to war, and to promote peace. In conjunction with peace and faith groups here and overseas who are holding vigils throughout the WW1 centenary to highlight our mutual belief that conflict must be resolved peacefully rather than by war. From 6.30pm to 7.30pm, at the Devonport war memorial, next to Devonport Library. Organised by WILPF Tamaki Makaurau, RSVP at

    April 25, Dunedin

    ANZAC peace ceremony – we encourage you to join us in a ceremony to ‘never forget’ the full cost of war and ‘never again’ engage in violence to settle our differences. The event has been organised by members of the Dunedin community to give people an opportunity to remember all the casualties of war – civilian and military on all sides of past and current conflicts. We hope to peacefully challenge the beliefs, values and institutions that make war inevitable by providing a space for people to gather on ANZAC day and make a commitment towards peace. From 12 noon to 12.30pm, at the Peace Pole, Otago Museum, RSVP at

    April 25, Dunedin

    Ormond Burton: A Christian Pacifist’s Theology – Ormond Burton left an indelible mark on 20th century New Zealand. The combatant soldier of World War 1 became the Christian pacifist of succeeding years leading, during World War II, to imprisonment, and to dismissal and eventual reinstatement to the ministry in the Methodist Church. Stephanie du Fresne discusses Ormond Burton’s free verse poem stating his final beliefs on his retirement as a Methodist Minister in 1966, followed by tea and coffee. Starts 2pm, at the Quaker Meeting House, 15 Park Street – all welcome.

    April 25, Nelson

    Honour the War Dead by Ending War, ANZAC Day peace vigil to remember all the casualties of war, to remember all who resisted war, to call for an end to war, and to promote peace. In conjunction with peace and faith groups here and overseas who are holding vigils throughout the WW1 centenary to highlight our mutual belief that conflict must be resolved peacefully rather than by war. From 5pm to 5.30pm, at the Cathedral Steps. Organised by Nelson Quakers, RSVP at

    April 25, Wellington

    ANZAC Day Citizens’ Wreath-laying – We will be laying a wreath for civilian victims of war along with other groups who will be laying wreaths for the Afghan civilian casualties of Operation Burnham, the Surafend massacre and conscientious objectors. We are disrupting the mainstream narrative by bringing an anti-war message but not disrupting the ceremonies themselves. We aim to highlight the senselessness of war and challenge war glorification. Meet 8.30am at the Cenotaph, with the ceremony starting at 9am. Organised by Peace Action Wellington, further information is available at

    April 25, Wellington

    Honour the War Dead by Ending War, ANZAC Day peace vigil to remember all the casualties of war, to remember all who resisted war, to call for an end to war, and to promote peace. In conjunction with peace and faith groups here and overseas who are holding vigils throughout the WW1 centenary to highlight our mutual belief that conflict must be resolved peacefully rather than by war. From 5.30pm to 6pm at the Cenotaph, corner Lambton Quay and Bowen Street, Wellington – please bring a candle and a reflection to share if you wish, banners and placards will be available at the vigil. Organised by Peace Movement Aotearoa, RSVP at – A4 poster is available at

    May 2-3, Wellington

    Preparation of the public session on “Welfare or warfare? A pre-Budget lunchtime forum on government spending priorities”, to be held on Friday, 4 May, from 1pm to 2pm at the St Andrew’s Conference Centre, 30 The Terrace, Wellington. Discussion on Military spending (Edwina Hughes, Coordinator, Peace Movement Aotearoa), Social spending (Paul Barber, Policy Advisor, New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services), and Spending on children’s wellbeing. The A4 poster is available online at,wgtn.pdf – More information:

    May 2, Wellington

    Peace Movement Aotearoa issued a media release on May 2nd on Global military spending increases with a focus on New Zealand’s budget. In last year’s NZ budget, military spending increased to a record level of more than 3.67 billion NZ dollars, with an average of almost 71 million NZ dollars every week. Buy way of contrast, 28% of children in NZ live in a family with an income below the poverty line. Read the press release here! – Read also: Global military spending increases again, will NZ’s in this year’s Budget? (by Peace Movement Aotearoa): Link to share:

    May 2nd, New Zealand

    Action by the World War One Centenary Peace Project – Challenging militarism and building peace, Aotearoa New Zealand. Look at the selfie – Look at more selfies here!

  • Belgium (1)
    April 25, Brussels

    Session at the European Parliament: Wednesday April 25 starting at 11am: Jordi from Centro Delas with Escola de Pau presented their 2 reports analysing the 2015 EU arms exports to countries in conflicts and to countries mired in tension. The COARM chair Caroline Cliff and the Belgian research group GRIP also took part in this exchange of views (reported by Laetitia Sedou – ENAAT). Look at the photo or download it!

  • Switzerland (2)
    April 27-28, Geneva

    Abolition campaigners from around the world joined in Geneva on April 27-28 for the Annual General Meeting and Global Council dinner of Abolition 2000, the global network to eliminate nuclear weapons. Organized by Unfold Zero. More information:

    May 2nd, Geneva

    Press Conference presenting the GCOMS Statement on global military spending, with SIPRI data and GDAMS message at the center. Organized by the International Peace Bureau.

  • Lebanon (1)
    May 1st, Beirut

    The UPP Peace Civil Corps in Lebanon would move 10% of global military expenditure to: education and nuclear disarmament, a reduction of social inequality, policies respecting refugees´ dignity, freedom of choices of oppressed people, and freedom for people, the environment and animals. Look at the selfies here!

  • Finland (1)
    May 2nd, Helsinki

    Press Conference presenting the GCOMS Statement on global military spending, with SIPRI data and GDAMS message at the center. At 9:30am, in the meeting room Filatelia at Posthouse, Helsinki. The Sipri figures will be pesented by the Rauhanliitto Information officer Tuuli Vuori. Then a foreign and securitupoliticla reseacher Olli Ruhomäki, visiting Senior Fellow at Finnish Foregn political inistitute FIIA, will give an comment on the global security  trends and then Timo Mielonen, peace organisation Committee of 100´s  chair,  will comment  about Finnish defence budget and our new big coming military investements. We have an finnish press information but will be sharing also the english GDAMS statement. Organized by Peace Union Finland Rauhanliitto.

  • Korea (1)
    May 2nd, Korea

    An open forum about the 2018 inter-Korean Summit is being organized. A joint statement was released on May 2 by PSPD. This Panmunjeom Declaration based on building military trust, without using force, shall divert the military spending to welfare and peace settlement. Read the joint declaration here!

  • Japan (2)
    May 2nd, Tokyo

    The final GDAMS 2018 statement was translated to Japanese. Read it here!

    May 2nd, Tokyo

    Press Conference in Tokyo: A press conference will be organized on May 2 at 2pm in Tokyo. The press conference will cover a number of topics relevant to the Japanese/Northeast Asian contexts and Peace Boat work, with SIPRI data and GDAMS message at the center. Speakers will be Kawasaki Akira (Peace Boat Executive Committee Member, Member of ICAN International Steering Group), Tanaka Terumi(Committee Member of Hidankyo)and Yoshioka Tatsuya (Peace Boat Executive Committee Member). They will report on on the current state of global military spending, on the plans for taking the Nobel Prize certificate and medal around the word, and on the meaning of this GDAMS project in the context of Constitution Day. Venue: Peace Boat Center Tokyo, 7 mins walk from Takadanobaba Station, Nokk Building B1, 3-13-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to.