GDAMS 2016

List of actions per countries:

  • Australia (1)
    15 April 2016, Sydney (Australia)

    "GDAMS Event"
    Venue: Marise Paine office in Parramatta Minister for Defence (the military)
    Timing: 12 noon to at least 1pm

    • large F35 Nick to refurbish
    • submarines & other models – Denis to organise materials to refurbish at working
    • Hannah to prepare fake $100 bills with statement on back
    • Large banner – Denis to redo as decided; Frank & Denis to organise printing; cost
      to be shared by IPAN NSW and AABCC
    • Placards – Placards to be completed at working bee.
    • placard slogans to reach Hannah Tuesday 22 April
    • Working bee Friday 1 April 10.30am rear of 74 Buckingham St
    • Action Friday 15 April 12 noon
  • USA (3)
    16 - 18 April 2016, Boston (U.S.A)

    "GDAMS U.S / Tax Day 2016"
    We are writing to encourage you to join activists across the U.S. and internationally
    in this year’s GDAMS activities. The Pentagon has inflated its budget request to
    nearly $600 billion, including $58.8 billion for its “overseas contingency
    operations” – wars – and to quadruple spending for war preparations in Eastern
    Europe. In the coming years, our government is planning to spend
    $1,000,000,000,000 to modernize its nuclear arsenal and its delivery systems, a
    small fraction of which could bring on nuclear winter. The new F-35
    fighter/bombers are set to cost $1,500,000,000,000 over their “lifetime.” In
    addition to encouraging and fueling the catastrophic destruction of wars, this
    spending claims and truncates lives without a shot being fired, a bomb dropped or a
    missile launched.
    Contact person: Joseph Gerson or
    American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

    4 April 2016, Boston (U.S.A)

    “#MakeGEpay – Protest Corporate Tax Breaks – Rally Outside Welcome Party for GE Execs”
    Time: 03.30 p.m – 06.00 p.m
    What: Rally Outside Welcome Party for GE Execs Hosted by Gov Baker & Mayor Walsh
    Where: 60 State Street, Boston, MA (near Boston City Hall and State Street Stop on the Orange Line)
    Who: Coalition of Boston area social justice groups and leaders
    Contact person: Cole Harrison ;
    Phone number: 617-354-2169
    Organization: Budget for All Campaign & Massachusetts Peace Action
    Facebook Page
    Twitter: Here and Here

    April 15, 2016, Seattle (U.S.A)

    "GDAMS Event & US Tax Day 2016"
    We will be leafletting in downtown Seattle at Westlake Park (4th and Pike) from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. David Swanson, internationally know author, peace advocate and activist, will be with us as spokesperson. He is in town for speaking engagement that evening at Town Hall.
    Contact person: Dan Gilman
    Phone number: 206 499 0226
    Organization: Veterans For Peace, #92 and Facebook page Here.

  • Kenya (1)
    17 April 2016, Nairobi (Kenya)

    "Africa Prepcomm for Berlin Congress"
    GDAMS event
    Venue: Ufungamano House in Nairobi.
    David Otieno:

  • Belgium (1)
    18 April 2016, Brussels (Belgium)

    "Brussels Prepcomm for Berlin Congress"
    GDAMS event - Environment and Armed Conflict - Realization of the Sustainable
    Development Goals - Refugees and Migrants.
    Paul Lansu at Pax Christi International:
    Andrew Lane at QCEA:

  • UK (1)
    18 April 2016, Yorkshire (UK)

    "GDAMS Event"
    Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
    If you’d like to do something locally, please contact Yorkshire CND.

  • Switzerland (1)
    April 6, Geneva (Switzerland)

    "Military Costs versus Humanitarian Needs"
    Venue: Ecumenical Centre, 150 Route de Ferney, Geneva
    GDAMS event - Building the Global Campaign. Preparing for Berlin Congress.
    Colin Archer and International Peace Bureau Secretariat
    More information:

  • Other GCOMS actions (1)
    Other GCOMS actions

    23 - 24 May 2016, Istanbul (Turkey)
    "World Humanitarian Summit"
    An initiative of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, managed by UN OCHA, the
    first World Humanitarian Summit will be held in Istanbul on 23 and 24 May 2016
    and will bring together governments, humanitarian organizations, people affected
    by humanitarian crises and new partners including the private sector to propose
    solutions to our most pressing challenges and set an agenda to keep humanitarian
    action fit for the future.
    For more information, click here.

    01 - 10 June 2016, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Montevideo
    "South America Prepcomm for Berlin Congress"
    Foundation More Peace
    Less AIDS + Educating
    Cities + Alicia Cabezudo:

    16 - 17 June 2016, Ankara (Turkey)
    "20th International Annual Conference on Economics and Security"
    ICES welcomes presentations that address any issue relating to peace and security
    broadly defined. The conference strives for a multi-disciplinary program comprising
    contributions with a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches,
    including strictly theoretical work, game theory and formal modeling, statistical and
    econometric analysis, qualitative studies, and experiments. Abstracts (150-250
    words) with a tentative title submitted before April 1, 2016 will be considered for the
    conference. Further information on the organization of the conference will be
    available here. For any further information about the conference, you can contact
    the organizers here:

    21 September 2016, Delhi, Manipur (India)
    "India Prepcomm for Berlin Congress"
    Bina Nepram, Control Arms India & Manipur Gun Survivors

    30 September - October 3 2016, Berlin (Germany)
    IPB is planning a World Congress under the title Disarm! For a Climate of Peace.
    We expect that it will attract global attention and a large number of participants.
    Details at Congress website.