President’s 2016 Budget in Pictures

by Jasmine Tucker

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President Obama recently released his fiscal year 2016 budget proposal. Budgets are about our nation’s priorities: What are we going to spend money on? How are we going to raise the money we want to spend? Continue reading–>


Greek debt, austerity and past military contracts

by Sara Flounders

Since the 2008 capitalist downturn sparked the debt crisis, Greek working people have held huge demonstrations, general strikes and now have voted in the Syriza government to oppose the brutal austerity program imposed by U.S. and European, especially German, banks. Continue reading–>

This map shows how the rest of the world doesn’t even come close to the US’ military spending

by Amanda Macias

The US continues to hold the indisputable top spot in defense spending, designating more than the combined expenditures of the top 15 nations according to an annual report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Continue reading–>