Get involved today!


There are many ways you can take action on military spending today. We’ll be posting good ideas here as they come to our attention. Meanwhile, here are some suggestions:


  • Become a GCOMS partner.

  • Analyse your country’s own military spending levels; publish the results; join up with others to call for reduction and re-allocation to other areas such as health, education, development aid or climate change. Form a national coalition.

  • Reach out to groups in your country/sector and social media network, encouraging them to join GCOMS also.

  • Make plans for actions on the Global Day (April 13, 2015 – or nearest convenient date for you)

  • Share your information, ideas, actions with the GCOMS network: through social media and via the IPB Coordination Team

  • Make a donation to the IPB to help with the costs of coordination.


  • Inform yourself about military spending and related issues.

  • Join a local group working on the issue – or set one up!

  • Use social media to get a buzz going in your own community.

  • Support GDAMS actions in your city /capital.

Join the Campaign!

To receive updates, to participate in the discussions, to connect with others and to support GCOMS, you may:

  • subscribe to the Google Groups

  • visit our Facebook page

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  • all  of the above