21/02/2020 |

CAAT report on Milex and Climate Change

Published by Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT)
Author: Sam Perlo-Freeman


How the obsession with military power diverts resources from the climate crisis.

The UK government spends about £46.6 billion a year on the military, according to figures provided by the UK to NATO, or 2.1% of GDP.

“The first duty of government, it is often said, is to provide for the security of its people. But what is security? For whom, and from what? UK governments typically view security through a military lens; but the real threats affecting the security of people in the UK and worldwide, most urgently the climate crisis, are not susceptible to military force, and indeed military interventions by the UK and its allies this century have had an overwhelmingly disastrous impact on peace and security.

* Government investment for a greener and fairer economy, Cafod, FoE, Green Alliance, Greenpeace, Islamic Relief, the WI, RSPB, and WWF, Sepember 2019.

The central role of the military in the government’s understanding of security is reflected in budgetary allocations. There is thus a widespread consensus on maintaining military spending at a minimum of 2% of GDP, the NATO target, with many politicians calling for far higher levels. Meanwhile, the climate crisis, the most urgent threat to human security worldwide, receives far less funding.”

The report puts into perspective the amount of money the UK is spending to tackle climate change by reducing carbon emissions and the disproportionate amount spent on military spending. More generally, it addresses the illusion that the UK can bring peace to the world through a massive global military presence.

Please find the full report here.