03/11/2021 |

‘Militarism Fuels Climate Crisis’ a Campaigner’s Guide

Published 2nd November 2021 by the GCOMS UK Coalition as a contribution to the debate at the COP26.

Dowload it as a pdf here.

All carbon counts. Every sector of human activity is subject to carbon reporting and reduction targets, with one exception – the global military”

Move The Money. From arms to climate adaptation. Countries who’ve done the most to cause the climate crisis must compensate those most vulnerable to its impacts”.
“The US military is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world – with a carbon footprint greater than that of most countries. If the Pentagon were a country, its fuel use alone would make it the World’s 47th largest emitter.
The estimated carbon footprint of the British military spending is 11 million tCO2e equivalent to the average emissions of 6 million UK cars in a year.
A conservative estimate puts the carbon footpront of the EU militaries in 2019 at 24,8 million tCO2e, with France accounting for one-third of this.
The militaries of China, India, Russia and Saudi Arabia will all be significant contributors to global emissions”

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