13/04/2023 |

GDAMS 2023 Slogan Social Media Materials

is our theme for this year’s Global Days of Action on Military Spending, which will start on April 13 and end in May 9, 2023.
This year of war in Ukraine has meant a huge boost for militarism and military budgets across the world, especially in countries of the Global North. But at GCOMS we believe the response should be quite the opposite: we should drastically reduce military spending and invest in common & human security instead…

The 12th edition of the Global Days of Action on Military Spending will take place from April 13 to May 9, 2023. Join us protesting military budgets & warmongering, and take action for peace & justice!

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#WarCostsUsTheEarth #FundPeaceNotWar #GDAMS

Our thanks to Escif for the illustration in this picture.