GCOMS Handbook

The first part of the Handbook includes an introduction to the problem of military spending. Recent global data are presented to underline the magnitude of the problem, the connection between military spending and the military-industrial complex and the basic dichotomy between military spending and human needs. Military spending is also discussed in a framework of security models.

In the second part, some precise definitions of military spending (Milex) are presented and discussed. It is shown that military spending is always greater than the figures presented by national states and alliances like NATO, because of hidden budget items. In any case, there is no universal accepted definition of Milex, and this is a fact that makes very difficult to undertake reliable analysis on its evolution, structure and trends.

The third part of the Handbook presents the GCOMS campaign. Including some advice, ideas and inspiration in order to campaign for the reduction of military spending in the framework of GCOMS, by presenting a compendium of several strategies, related to public-awareness actions, lobbying of politicians and other power-holders, online campaigning, media coverage and networking.

The Handbook was presented during a Webinar on February 27, 2018. It included presentations from Rete Disarmo and the GCOMS Coordination team.