01/01/2017 |

Disarmament A Basic Guide

by Melissa Gillis

You can download this guide here

” Conceived as a comprehensive introduction to a field that has been central to the work of the United Nations since its founding, Disarmament: A Basic Guide aims to provide a useful overview of the nuanced challenges of building a more peaceful world in the twenty-first century. […]

This new edition of the Guide also considers a number of current trends that have contributed significantly to recent multilateral disarmament efforts. An unprecedented level of civil society engagement during the negotiation of the Arms Trade Treaty and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons benefited the discussions with additional energy and technical expertise. Meanwhile, the disarmament community has placed increasing emphasis on the humanitarian implications of any use of nuclear weapons, deepening the existing international taboo against them. Recent years have also seen a growing international focus on the effects of conflict on children and non-combatants, as well as the vital role that women can play in peacemaking and post-conflict efforts”.