20/03/2014 |

USA – The Nation says ‘Move the Money Out of the Military’

March 20, 2014 by IPB

The Nation Magazine highlights the issue of excessive military spending by the U.S. . They have launched a petition with RootsAction to tell Congress and the president to move the money out of military and urged the people to sign the petition. It indicates that US military spending—across several government departments—is wildly out of control, amounting to roughly half of federal discretionary spending and half of global military spending and the sequester agreement makes only a small reduction in military spending. Currently, 57 percent of discretionary spending goes into the military.

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Despite a lot of hype about cuts to the military budget, the Pentagon has used war budgets and slush funds to avoid most cuts, while every other government program has faced the axes. The sequester imposes minimal cuts on the military, but members of Congress are maneuvering to replace them with increases. The same is not under consideration for education, environmental protection, foreign aid, or any other non-destructive program.

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