22/04/2024 |

The world spent 2.44 trillion $ in the military in 2023, according to new data published today by SIPRI.

Today (Monday 22) is the most important day of this year’s Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), with several events taking place all across the world.

SIPRI has just published new data on military spending for the year 2023, and the figures show very strong growth in military spending, reaching $2.44 trillion, an increase of 6.8% compared to last year. The top 10 spenders have all increased their military spending, and we can also see that it is rising in all regions of the world – mainly Europe, Asia and Oceania and the Middle East – due to recent tensions and conflicts.
You can find the SIPRI fact sheet here.

For the occasion, our campaign is holding actions all across the world, including press conferences in Seoul, Manila and Sydney, and more media work in Brussels and Wellington. To strengthen the impact of this, we’re also putting together a Social Media Storm. Amid dramatic environmental and socioeconomic crises, we’re joining our voices and taking action to urge governments across the world to place their efforts into addressing the climate crisis, instead of making it worse. War Costs Us the Earth.

Together with the Transnational Institute (TNI) and the European Network Against the Arms Trade (ENAAT), we’ve prepared a series of infographics analysing military spending levels from different perspectives (globally, NATO, EU, Israel, war profiteers…). You can download them here (Twitter and Instagram formats).

Join our Social Media Storm today!

It is time for us to join together and call on governments around the world to cut military spending, and to instead invest in common and human security.

Visit our GDAMS Shared Folder, where you’ll find images, infographics and posting exemples and other materials, and use today your social media (Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram) to spread the word and draw attention to the issue.
We will be using these hashtags:
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