05/10/2017 |

The Cut Milex Campaign starts now

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According to April 2017 SIPRI data, and stimulated by the war on terrorism, military spending has continued to increase. The World’s military spending in 2016 amounted to USD 1686 billion, while amounted USD 1088 billion in 2001.

GCOMS has started a new campaign, besides the well-consolidated GDAMS campaign: the Cut Milex campaign. Increases in Milex result in more arms, more benefits for the military industry, more lobbying on governments, an increased arms trade, an increased number of arms worldwide, and an increased number of arms in regions in conflict. Increases in Milex make wars easier. Conversely, by redirecting Milex to real human needs we would be able to fund the real needs of people: no poverty, zero hunger, a good health, quality education, gender quality, clear water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy for everybody, climate action, reduced inequality and many others. Needs that focus on people and on their rights.

In this context, the Cut Milex campaign aims at introducing the military spending debate in Parliaments, with several main messages:

– To reduce military spending while redirecting its funds to social needs, cooperation, conflict mediation and peace building.
– To increase transparency and avoid opacity in official data on exports and military and defense industry.
– To introduce criteria for addressing military spending in national budgets in a comprehensive and rigorous way.
– To ensure that arms programs are audited and controlled by the nation’s parliament.

More than ever, we need new partners to work on the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS), to be active on lobbying politicians, and to ensure that the Cut Milex campaign becomes a great success!