03/03/2011 |

SIPRI: Data Launch Dates

March 3, 2011 by IPB

Details on SIPRI’s upcoming releases. GDAMS actions will especially call attention to the world military expenditure data. Stay tuned!

From www.sipri.org:

SIPRI Yearbook 2011: data launches upcoming

14 March: Launch of SIPRI’s international arms transfers data—details of all international sales, transfers and donations of major conventional weapons in 2010. 11 April: Launch of SIPRI’s world military expenditure data—comprehensive information on global, regional and national trends in military spending. 7 June: Launch of the SIPRI Yearbook—cutting-edge information and analysis on developments in armaments, disarmament and international security, featuring a lead essay on corruption in the international arms trade by Andrew Feinstein. Contact Stephanie Blenckner.