01/03/2018 |

New Zealand has a new Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control

In New Zealandthe Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control has been reinstated (The position was disestablished by the National-led government in 2011).

The role of the new Minister will primarily be around disarmament treaties that New Zealand has already signed and/or ratified, and particularly relates to the NZ Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act from 1987.

According to Edwina Hughes from Peace Movement Aotearoa, having appointed this new Minister does indicate that the new government is placing a higher priority on disarmament than the last one, which is positive.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister announced this that the Cabinet-level Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control is being reinstated to “ensure New Zealand’s voice is heard on disarmament and arms control issues”. While the Prime Minister’s speech to the NZIIA conference focused largely on trade, she also said that NZ’s early ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is a priority.