24/10/2017 |

New Report on the 2017 Spanish Military Budget

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new report on the Spanish Defense budget is now available. The report, now in Spanish, will soon be available in English.

It has been produced by the Delàs Center for Peace Studies.

The budget of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, after ten years of continuous decrease, has now in 2017 shown an increase of a 32% when compared to 2016. This colossal increase has been discovered in spite of the budgetary arguments that the Spanish Minister of the Treasure, Cristóbal Montoro, has been using to hide real military spending figures to the public opinion. Spanish military spending amounts to 18,776 million euros, an amount that represents 51.4 million military spending per day. Each Spanish citizen contributes 404 euros per year to military spending. An expense that corresponds to 1.64% of GDP, well above the official 1% of GDP.

Since 2012, the Ministry of Finance, in agreement with the Defense Ministry, decided not to include payments of  the Special Armaments Programs (PEA) in the Spanish annual budget. Instead, and along the year, the Council of Ministers directly approves extraordinary credits to face payments of these PEA in a non-transparent way.

Spain prioritizes the expenditure on weapons of null social interest, that only benefit the military companies. At the same time, the spanish 2017 budget continues, as in previous years, showing strong adjustments in most ministries.

Read more here (in Spanish).