27/04/2021 |

New GDAMS infographic

On the occasion of the Global Days of Action on Military Spending – GDAMS – and the release of new data on military spending by SIPRI (figures for 2020), our campaign has prepared this infographic, which intends to make visible the opportunity cost of global military expenditures (1.98 trillion $). It illustrates current levels of military spending, also divided in shares, and compares them with the cost of human security-oriented programmes, including those related to the Sustainable Development Goals, the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency.
For instance, 9% of the world’s total military spending during the last 10 years could finance the adaptation to climate change the Global Commission on Adaptation proposes; a 10% reduction of the world’s military expenditures could fund education for every person on earth (SDG4); 26 hours without spending money on the military could save 34 millions people from starvation; the last 4 years of EU member states aggregated military expenditures could finance the European Green New Deal.
These are just a few comparisons, but we believe they help understand the magnitude of the squandering military spending means for our societies.

You can download this infographic in high quality here.
References and sources on this link.

You can also find this infographic in Spanish, Catalan and Japanese.