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Media Release: Indo-Pacific Expo exposes Australian Government hypocrisy

“With the opening of the Indo-Pacific Expo today, major arms suppliers will be spruiking their wares to both rich and poor countries.  They will be selling to human rights abusers and to countries involved in wars,” protest organiser Denis Doherty said in Sydney today.

“There is no limit on ‘investment opportunities’ for the arms trade.”

NSW Government hypocrisy was exposed when State Treasurer Matt Kean told the ABC (1-3-22) that “it is completely unacceptable that we invest in anything that does not have good Environmental, Social and Governance outcomes not only in Australia but around the world.”

“The NSW Government quickly puts those ESG rules away when there is a buck to made from death and misery,” Mr Doherty said.

The NSW investment website ( https://invest.nsw.gov.au/sector-opportunities/defence) cheerfully promotes the arms trade and provides funding for the Expo.

“However, we are not allowed to know how much this sponsorship is costing the people of NSW. Companies exhibiting at the Expo have dubious human rights records yet they are welcomed into our city. The list of which military representatives will attend the Expo is kept confidential while the cash registers are turning over. As the world’s military spending passed $2 trillion in 2021, the NSW and Federal Governments continue to invest in war instead of fighting the climate, health, fire and flood crises in our country,” Denis Doherty concluded.

For more information: contact Denis Doherty at 0418 290 663 or via email.

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