13/10/2016 |

Major new IPS report: military vs climate spending

“Fifteen of the sixteen hottest years ever recorded have occurred during this new century, and the near-unanimous scientific consensus attributes the principal cause to human activity.”

These are the opening words of the Combat vs. Climate report by the Institute for Policy Studies, a report that provides comparative data on the military spending and the climate change security spending in the U.S. IPS is the co-founder of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (with IPB) and once again they are breaking new grounds.

Some of the reports most interesting key findings are that the U.S spends 28 times as much traditional military security as on climate security, despite the urgent and growing threats of climate change. And that by making some modifications in the military structure, such as cancelling the ineffective and expensive F-35 aircraft, it would be possible to build enough offshore wind projects to power 320,000 homes every year.

You can access the full report here.