20/05/2019 |

IPB Statement – No War Against Iran

No War against Iran. 

Defending the Iran nuclear deal. 

Preventing another US warfare.

The International Peace Bureau calls for worldwide protests against the planned war.

Governments worldwide, particularly the EU and the UN, must explicitly and unambiguously call on the US to end the collision course with Iran. They must clarify that they will not support any military action by Trump against Iran.

Despite the 18-year-long war experience in Afghanistan, despite the destruction and the impoverishment of an entire region through wars in Syria, Libya, Mali, Yemen, and the war in Iraq since 2003, the US government is threatening to prepare the next war against Iran. The U.S. military build-up in the Middle East must be stopped immediately.

Currently, a rationale for intervention is being developed– similar to the lies and deceit that preceded the invasion of Iraq. The dispatch of US warships and bomber squadrons in the Middle East as well as acts of sabotage against shipping in the Gulf region have be taken seriously and must be perceived as a wake-up call. The International Peace Bureau stresses the need for all NATO Member States to declare that US bases in Europe cannot be utilized for attacks against Iran, and that the US air force will not be granted any over flight rights in the EU.

It is of utmost importance to keep defending the nuclear deal with Iran, Russia, and China against the unilateral termination by the US. It is indispensable to respond to arbitrary US-sanctions with effective counter-measures in order to protect and maintain trade with Iran.

The International Peace Bureau encourages the world’s peace movements to fight for peace, disarmament, and international cooperation in the Middle East.

Florence and Berlin, 16th of May 2019

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