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GCOMS at the PyeongChang Peace Forum

Updated 09/02/2021 – Watch the conference here:

Next Sunday (February 8, 15:00 GMT+9) we will be participating in Parallel Session Nº10 of the PyeongChang Peace Forum 2021 ‘Global Civic Agenda on Peace & SDGs 2021’ (English/Korean), where Quique Sánchez, in representation of the International Peace Bureau and GCOMS, will present our agenda for 2021.

Pre-registration at http://bit.ly/21ppf4youth

Global Civic Agenda for Peace and SDGs in 2021

Background and Objectives

The session aims at introducing and setting global agenda for civil society advocacy for democratic global governance and people-centered multilateralism in 2021 in the context of Building Back Better from the COVID-19 Pandemic. The agenda which are inter-connected in nature will be addressed for cross fertilization and synergy to overcome silos and fragmentation.  The agenda will include the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS), C20 action on 2021 G20 Summit in Rome, Italy UN Decade of Action to Deliver the SDGs by 2030, UN Declaration on the 75th Anniversary of the UN and COVID-19 Pandemic.  The outcome of the session will be incorporated into the 2021 revision of the PyeongChang Agenda for Peace (PCAP) 2030.

15:00 – 16:30 on 8 February. (Monday) 2021 – GMT+9
(New York 1 AM, London 6 AM, Rome/Paris 7 AM, New Delhi 11:30 AM, Bangkok 1 PM)

Virtual / Updated 24 January 2021


Asia Civil Society Partnership for Sustainable Development (APSD) / CIVICUS / Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD) / Civil 20 (C20) on G20 / Coalition for the UN We Need  / International Peace Bureau (IPB) / UN Foundation in partnership with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Program Agenda and Timeline

Moderator Anselmo Lee, APSD

Sookhee BAEK, Vice-President, KOICA
  15:10-16:20 (10 minutes each)   Panelists1.       Gargeya Telakapalli, People’s Health Movement (PHM) on COVID-19 Pandemic
2.      Quique Sánchez, IPB on Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS)
3.      Riccardo Moro, C20 Italy on G20 Summit 2021
4.      Mariana Belalba Barreto, CIVICUS Civic Space Monitor
5.      Oli Henman, Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD)
6.      Yasmina Gourchane, The Coalition for the UN We Need
7.      Aishwarya Machani, UN Foundation
16:20-40DiscussionOpen discussion among panelists

Contact Person / Moderator

Anselmo Lee, Asian Coordinator of the APSD

Asia@APSD2030.org / www.APSD2030.org  / +82-1042930707