12/04/2024 |

Check out our interactive military spending map!

Discover the new GCOMS campaign tool

  • Create your own infographics
  • Find out about your country’s military spending
  • Compare military spending in different countries
  • Try the different filters (military spending in constant $, %GDP, per capita)
  • Learn about the military spending of different military alliances and international organizations
  • And find the GCOMS partner organizations worldwide!

How does it work?

Click on the filter of your interest. You can select military spending in current US$, % of GDP or per capita. Then, click on the country of your choice (you can select several) to view the data. You can save the image by right-clicking or taking a screenshot.

Try the geopolitical filter to see the military spending of NATO, AUKUS, the European Union or the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Again, you can select the organization of your choice to create your campaign material!

Last but not least!

GCOMS partners are present on all five continents! Around the world, we are mobilizing to denounce the consequences of militarism and growing military spending.

  • Click on the country of your choice to see which GCOMS partner organizations are present.
  • And if you’d like to become a GCOMS member and appear on our map, please contact us!
  • (If you’re already a member and your organization isn’t here, contact us too 🙂 )

We hope this tool will be useful for your campaign 🙂 Use the interactive map as you like, on social networks, demonstrations, educational events and more…!!

This interactive map has been developed thanks to the support of the Barcelona City Council (Ajuntament de Barcelona).