26/04/2021 |

Campaign Against Arms Trade – UK Military Spending: Speak out in your local media

Defund the Military. Defend People and Planet.
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New data from think tank SIPRI has revealed that government spending on the military increased by 2.9% in 2020, meaning the UK now has the 5th largest military budget in the world. Worse still, the government has committed to huge increases in military spending over the next four years into new areas of warfare such as space, cyber, unmanned drones, and 44% increases to nuclear warheads – while making 30% cuts to international development aid.

The UK was unprepared to cope with the pandemic, and even with new spending promises, we are just as woefully ill-equipped to tackle the climate catastrophe – which is already having grave consequences for people in the majority world who have contributed least to the crisis.

26 April is the Global Day of Action on Military Spending. As part of a global month of action, 10 April-17 May, use your local media to raise awareness about the government’s military spending increases, and where you think the money should be being spent.

Take action

Write to your local paper
Use our template message and email your local newspaper, calling for a change in priorities.

Call your local radio show
Our guide for how to raise awareness by calling your local radio station phone-in.

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The UK has increased its nuclear warheads by 44%, while cutting aid to the world’s poorest by 30%. #DefundTheMilitary. Where do you think the UK’s military budget should be spent instead? @DemilitarizeDay @GCOMS_UK

UK military spending will outstrip climate spending by 8 times over the next 4 years. If you think we should #DefundTheMilitary and Defend people and planet, why not shout about it in your local media? caat.org.uk/speak-out-in-your-local-media/ @GCOMS_UK @DemilitarizeDay