31/03/2011 |

CAAT: This Is Not OK!

March 31, 2011 by IPB

From GDAMS Partner CAAT, Campaign Against Arms Trade, in the UK:

“Public opinion is with us as people witness the deadly effects of propping up repressive regimes with weapons sales. Public spending cuts will see 50,000 jobs in the health service go, whilst the 55,000 arms trade jobs continue to enjoy a subsidy to the tune of £500,000,000 a year.

“The government protected military spending at the expense of welfare and public services:
* The Ministry of Defence was asked to cut only 8% of its spending (compared to an average of 18% across other departments). Useless aircraft carriers were saved at the expense of health, education and welfare.
* Spending on school buildings is being cut by a two thirds
* The budget for services provided by local councils is being cut by a third”

Be sure to sign their petition and to check out the whole range of actions they’ve organized — anyone can get involved!