31/12/2017 |

Become a GCOMS partner!

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At GCOMS, we presently have partners and campaigners in many countries, and we would be really pleased to have you on board. We organize two main campaigns (GDAMS and Cut Milex) with plenty of actions and activities, and we are about to start the GDAMS 2018 campaign.

 You can download our last 2017 GDAMS report from our webapges, for your information. We produce a variety of material that you can directly download from our webpages for your campaigns.

Read more in the GCOMS Brochure.


  • You are an organization of the civil society, concerned by military spending and willing to redirect part of these funds to human needs and sustainable development goals.
  • You want to engage in the global campaign on Military Spending by organizing actions in your country.
  • Your activities are based on ethical principles and on the defense of human rights.
  • You are independent, with no partisan interests.

Then, you are welcomed to become a GCOMS partner!
And, in the future, you can also become a member of our IPB family.

Unfortunately, however, we don’t have any budget to help GCOMS partners and campaigners.

If you agree to become a partner, please send us an e-mail explaining your interests and confirming that you agree on the conditions listed above. You will then be listed in the GCOMS webpages and we will include you in our periodic e-mails. You will be informed on our main campaigns. We will include your campaign actions in the GCOMS webpages and you will also receive our Newsletters.

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