– Tax Day events in Massachusetts

A Tax Day Like No Other
Pressing for our budget priorities amid pandemic, economic and climate crises and new Cold Wars
Tax Day Community Rally – May 14 or 17, noon – downtown Boston
Webinar – April 15, 7pm
As we move into the post-pandemic, Biden era, it’s time to change what we buy with our tax dollars. The pandemic and the resulting economic crisis illuminated glaring inequalities and the human costs of budget priorities that enrich the wealthy and left people unable to protect their health, hungry and homeless, while the military-industrial complex drowns in super-profits and paves the way for new and dangerous Cold Wars. Trillions have been spent chasing demons abroad and “bad hombres” at our borders, but Covid-19 bring us to our knees. The Biden Rescue Plan, with the child tax credit, unemployment, child and family care provisions, is bringing relief and hope to millions of Americans. But now the work begins to impact Congress debates over the national budget paid for by our taxes.
Our Call:
• Make the Rescue Plan’s safety net provisions permanent
• Fund housing, healthcare for all, and education – forgive college loans
• Pass the job creating, GREEN infrastructure bill
• Tax the 1% and big corporations; create a wealth tax so everyone pays their fair share
• Repeal the Trump $2 trillion tax cuts
• Cut the Pentagon’s gargantuan budget to pay for what we need
• Defund new nuclear weapons, cut F-35 and B-1 bomber