Statement by Escuelas de Paz

A statement for life and demilitarization of bodies, minds and territories in South Colombia

Schools of Peace Foundation, as an organization committed to peacebuilding, peace education development and territorial peace transformations, calls on respect for the life of our community leaders, youngsters, adolescents, boys and girls.

We consider necessary to make visible what happens in Colombia and to create sensitive and protective actions in order to decrease affectation and effects on minds, hearts and bodies of people who inhabit the territories and on the construction of  individual and collective life plans.

We are convinced ceasefire is completely necessary. Militaristic path will never mean security for communities and culture of violence possible transformations will be given by paths of education, non- violence, creativity and public pedagogy that builds collectively.

As an organization active present in South Colombia territories, once again we join social leaders, youngsters, adolescents, boys and girls.

Download it as a pdf. You can find it in Spanish.