Protest against EOS and HSBC (Sydney)

“HSBC is a bank that does harm. It invests in harming people. HSBC and EOS are partners in war-crime and #WarCrimesMatter Sign this petition now HSBC invests money in an Australian company that sells arms to Saudi Arabia. Electro Optic Systems (EOS) sells a lethal missile fire system: R400s to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. There is proof via photos of their products at Sydney airport. Both countries EOS sell to have been involved in war crimes in Yemen, bombing civilians and civilian infrastructure. Bombing civilians is a war crime. The war in Yemen is 5 years old in March 2020. It’s possible that EOS is also selling to other war torn environments and dictatorships such as Mali and Congo given that their weapons exports are increasing significantly and 90% of their income is exports. 

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“EOS is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia & Israel, states involved in wars & human rights abuses. We’re calling on the Australian Government to cancel EOS’ export licences, withdraw its support of the arms trade and lessen its military spending”

Watch a video of the protest here.