MEDIA RELEASE by IPAN Increase in Military Expenditure Unjustified and Destabilising

  • The Australian Government’s increase in military expenditure is pure fear-mongering and compromises urgent social needs.
  • The objective to project significant military power far from Australia’s shores only contributes to regional instability while undermining our security and peaceful relations with our neighbours.

The Morrison Government’s decision to spend $575 billion on the Defence budget over the next ten years to 2029-30, including $279 billion in defence capabilities, is of great concern to the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN).

“There are numerable pressing issues impacting on the wellbeing of Australians that are more deserving of such budgetary investments. That the Federal Government has committed to spending this eyewatering amount over the next decade in the midst of a massive health and economic crisis makes it all the more extraordinary”, stated IPAN spokesperson.

PDF version:  Media Release re Increased Military Expenditure