Liberation Day Advertisement at the Süddeutsche Zeitung

Announcement at the Südddeutsche Zeitung calling for disarmament, made possible by the International Peace Bureau, Abrüsten statt Aufrüsten, DGB, GEW, IG Metall, NaturFreunde, Neue Entspannungspolitik jetzt!, ver.di.

75 years after the end of the Second World War, peace is once again under threat. Even here in Europe it is fragile. Many things have grown uncertain and global threats have been exacerbated.

Those who want peace must fight for peace. The frequently heard demand that Europe learn the ‘language of power’ (Munich Security Conference) and develop its military capabilities is wrong. Further militarization will not solve any of our problems. Rather, we need to bring social, ecological and economic conflicts back into the civil sphere. Otherwise the ghosts of the past will return, bringing only death and destruction. A new arms race is already in full swing.

We say no to a language of violence, and yes to a culture of peace, reason and understanding.
We say no to an increase in military spending! We say yes to disarmament instead of rearmament! Yes to a new policy of détente now!”